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Monkey Pipe

Monkey Pipe offer some beautiful hand made wooden pipes that are crafted right here in the USA. From their smaller namesake the Monkey Pipe to their wooden Fisherman's Friend pipe, they have a portable smoke pipe that will fit anyone's style.

Monkey Pipe
Monkey Pipe The Monkey Pipe is an extremely small portable smoking device that is hand made right here in the USA, guaranteeing a quality product and design. The …
Oregon Trail Pipe
Oregon Trail Pipe The Oregon Trail Pipe is a small, compact smoking device that is handcrafted by the same people that brought you the famous Monkey Pipe. This pipe is …
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Fisherman's Friend Pipe
Fisherman's Friend Pipe The Fisherman's Friend Pipe is a small wooden pipe handcrafted in the USA by the same manufacturer behind the widely popular Monkey Pipe. The top…
Metro Pipe
Metro Pipe The Metro Pipe is one of the smallest and most compact portable smoking devices around, but don't let the small size fool you because the Metro Pi…
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Peabody Pipe
Peabody Pipe The Peabody Pipe is one of the newer and more elegant additions to the Monkey Pipe family. Just liek the rest of their pipes, the Peabody is made of t…
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