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New vaporizers, parts, accessories and other items added to EZ Vapes within the last 90 days, from newest to oldest.

Kangvape Mini 420 Box Kit
Kangvape Mini 420 Box Kit Kangvape's Mini 420 Box Kit combines an advanced variable output battery with powerful ceramic core 0.5mL glass oil cartridge for easy on the go v…
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Kangvape TH-420 II Kit
Kangvape TH-420 II Kit The TH420 II Kit from Kangvape is a powerful cartridge battery complete kit that combines a flashy appearance with cutting-edge performance for an all…
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OVNS JC01 The JC01 Pod System is an ultra discreet and versatile device that is made to accommodate a wide variety of pod options for both salt e-liquids and th…
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Smok Novo Refillable Pods 3 Pack
Smok Novo Refillable Pods 3 Pack The Novo Replacement Pods are the exact original liquid cartridges that are included with each Novo Kit from the company Smok Tech. These pods are de…
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Smok Novo Starter Kit
Smok Novo Starter Kit The Novo Portable Pod System from Smok packs some powerful performance into an ultra compact and luxurious body with unique Cobra plated panels availa…
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Airistech Herbva 5G
Airistech Herbva 5G The Airis Herbva 5G Vaporizer is an ultra discreet and portable device made for use with dry material that is also extremely easy to use. It is contr…
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Airistech Herbva Pro
Airistech Herbva Pro The Airis Herbva Pro is an ultra slim and lightweight portable vaporizer made for dry blends that delivers a futuristic design with cutting-edge touch…
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Airistech Herbva Viva
Airistech Herbva Viva The Herbva Viva by the company Airistech is an ultra slim, compact and lightweight vaporizer that will make your life on the go easier than ever befor…
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Airistech Q2 Dab Coil 5 Pack
Airistech Q2 Dab Coil 5 Pack The Q2 Dab Coils from Airistech are genuine replacement atomizers made for use with the Headbanger and Q-Tip Concentrate Vaporizers from the same bran…
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Airistech Q1 Dip Coils 5 Pack
Airistech Q1 Dip Coils 5 Pack The Q1 Dip Coils from Airistech perfectly replace the original Touch Atomizers included with each of their Headbanger Vaporizer Kits. These cutting-e…
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Airis 8 Replacement Coils 5 Pack
Airis 8 Replacement Coils 5 Pack The Airis 8 Dip and Dab Coils are authentic Airistech brand replacement atomizer heads made to restore your Airis 8 Vape Pen to a brand new status. T…
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HoneyStick Elf Kit
HoneyStick Elf Kit The Elf Kit from HoneyStick is a compact auto draw cartridge battery kit  that offers ultra convenient and versatile on the go performance with c…
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Quant Vaporizer
Quant Vaporizer The Quant Portable Vaporizer is one of the highest quality and most compact 3-in1 (primarily used for dry) devices on the market that is guaranteed to…
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Yocan Loaded
Yocan Loaded The Loaded Vaporizer by Yocan is a powerful concentrate pen device that will make your on the go experience easier than ever before with it's cutt…
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VAPMOD Magic 710
VAPMOD Magic 710 The Magic 710 by VAPMOD is an ultra lightweight and stealthy auto cartridge battery system made to support most 510 thread concentrate attachments mea…
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