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The Eclipse Handheld is the latest version of the former Essential Vape. The Eclipse Handheld is great for vaporizing essential oils and concentrates and the newest version has several improvements. Most importantly being the new screen design. Where you screw in the glass vial there is now a screen to stop any material from making its way through to the mouthpiece. This makes vaporizing with the Eclipse Handheld an easier and more enjoyable experience. The rock solid aluminum build from the Essential remains, making it a super durable portable vaporizer.


- Eclipse Handheld Portable Vaporizer

- Mini Amber Glass Storage Jar

- Shock Proof Carrying Case

- 2 Replacement Screens and O-Rings with Container

- 2 Glass Vials, 1 Regular and 1 Short (8 total)

- Instruction Manual


The Eclipse Handheld is constructed of anodized aluminum, utilizes a glass heating chamber (vial), and requires a standard butane lighter, preferably electronic.

Genuine Eclipse Parts and Accessories:

Essential Replacement Vials

Replacement Vials w/ Dropper Top

Eclipse Handheld Parts and Accessories


Under 1 lb


Made in the USA by Aroma Innovations LLC

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Lifetime warranty restricted to normal use.

Additional Manufacturer Information:

"Use Sensibly. The Eclipse Vape is intended solely for the consumption of legal blends and their essential oils."

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Eclipse Handheld

Not bad, not great

  Jim - Oct 03 2014, 09:22 AM

"I've used a LOT of different vapes and this one is pretty decent. Does that conflict with my title? Not at all. This one is decent, but it doesn't blow me out of the water or anything. It's a bit awkward to sue and has a few issues attaching to some of my glass pieces. I'm glad I bought it on sale, it won't see a ton of usage. "

Eclipse Handheld

One more thing, sir...

  Rad - Nov 16 2013, 12:28 PM

"I almost forgot. I said the butane powered iolite reaches a max temp of 140 F when its is actually 190 C ( 374 F), and using an electronic butane lighter or torch against the glass vile on the eclipse is much hotter than 374 F when trying to master the eclipse handhelp vape from combustion happening with plant material. It is not ideal for herbs. So I will be using the eclipse handheld for oils and e-juice.The Alivi8 is my next flame vaporizer purchase for tobacco, my put out cigar ends for puffing as well as other plant material. I might get the 2 battery inserted (looks like a small C size battery) thermovape in the future. I modify the end of these vaporizers to fit a filtered mouthpiece to mellow the harshness, and the extra health benefits."

Eclipse Handheld

Update from last comment

  Rad - Nov 16 2013, 11:56 AM

"I tried e-juice, and it did vaporize quickly with a regular lighter...However the regular lighter covers the vile in soot which wipes off easily, but you cannot see the vaping process so it is better to use an electronic butane lighter. For the record... I should have said some essential oils are unsafe as the oil I was looking at on another site was not recommended for inhalation. A search with the keywords ESSENTIAL OIL DILUTION CHART will show a key of what oils are safe to inhale, and the dilution ratio. There are other oils that are safe for inhalation when diluted properly. Clove oil is safe for inhalation, but you have to dilute it 1:4 ratio. This means 1 drop from dropper of clove oil to four drops of a carrier oil. My carrier oil of choice is FRACTIONATED coconut oil which has an indefinite shelf life whereas most others only expire after a couple of years. As far as plant material, I would guess some work better than others with the eclipse vape. Hemp seeds (UN-shelled) seem like trying out for the health benefits. Like I said before, I mounted the iolite tip snugly into the end of the eclipse handheld vape with an additional filtered mouthpiece to mellow the harshness. I am also looking at the Alivi8 as a future purchase as it is another lighter type vaporizer that might work better with tobacco."

Eclipse Handheld

Great idea, but there are issues with refined herbs

  Rad - Nov 14 2013, 15:49 PM

"I got this item quick through US mail. I had to do research online. Essential oils are not recommended for internal use, and there is confusion as to how much dilution of the oil anyways. Eclipse or some other vendor should sell oils and concentrates that are diluted at a safe level. I asked around on the phone at vape shops locally, and nobody knew. I was interested in clove oil for respiratory health benefits, but I am better off with the Dj clove filtered cigar through a small cigarette water pipe with filter mouthpiece. Still trying to figure out what concentrates are. I bought the N Joy e-cig when it first came out, but it did not pack much of a punch. So I bought some E nicotine juice that was the highest in content, but it also was not enough nicotine satisfaction as a regular cig. I was also notified that it is not ideal for this eclipse vape device so I have to stick with the atomizer device. As for the eclipse handheld, there is a problem learning to control the flame tip against the vile (No more than 20 seconds at a time to keep the vile from breaking) to get it to vaporize... Like they say... it is not ideal for herbs. I tried refined tobacco through a grinder, but it combusted in the vile using a electronic butane lighter. It was a slight gag from the harsh pull, but not a hacking cough. I have an elongated i oh lite tip that fit snug in the end of the eclipse vape, and I was able to attach an additional filter mouthpiece to that. The advice I got here is pull slowly, and count when you are applying flame tip to the vile when smoking plant material (quarter to half full in a tall vile). I tried frozen clove tobacco (1/4 full tall vile), and it also did not vaporize, but instead combusted after heating the top of the vile first and rotating the vile as well. A slice of orange on a folded paper towel in a zip bag on top of the tobacco (or a jar) for half an hour to an hour will moisten dry herbs, but the jury is still out as to whether that will work with the eclipse. You have to tap the top side where the hole is to knock down the herb that finds its way to the screen. I watched a video where the dude is using a bic lighter to a solid piece of hops, and it was working as far as vaporizing goes. I bought this because it is a good idea, and vaporizing is said to be 99% safer than combustable cigarette smoking. The instant exchange of viles is good. I will have to get a butane torch as the electronic butane lighter is not doing the job for tobacco. So in the mean time, its the portable i oh lite butane powered vaporizer that maintains 140 degrees F. Also looking at the thermo vape which they say is a great battery run vaporizer. I will probably find a use for the eclipse handheld vape eventually. I give it a B minus, but might grade higher with a curve trying solid broken off form of assorted herbs. I will do some more research, and if anybody knows anything about concentrates or oils then please let me know."

Eclipse Handheld

great for oils and concentrates

  BM - Sep 25 2013, 13:18 PM

"The Eclipse handheld is best used for oils, waxes, and concentrates, also works with herb but its more messy and not quite as enjoyable as other vaporizers. I also have a silver surfer, a magic flight launch box, and a volcano but I'll probably be using this more than the others since it handles oil so well. At first it has a weird kind of next-level pipe feeling , but it truly is awesome. The only drawback with this device is that the glass vial gets hot especially if you use a torch lighter."

Eclipse Handheld

Dab on the go!

  Allen Corbett - Mar 27 2013, 13:28 PM

""Fantastic! Oil use is the latest rage, and will only continue to grow. This pipe is Perfect for it! Electric oil pens only get so hot, and the pulls are mild/weak for the Experienced smoker. Keep your pocket torch handy, because this little baby can take the heat! With GOOD oil, you will see you friends pull away with a smile, then a cough, choke, ouch ouch ouch....oops that was a Big pull! :D I've bought 5, because my friends would not leave me alone about it! I do suggest you put some foil in the case where the glass touches, so you can put it away Hot. And ALWAYS remember which side stays Pointed down while warm.""

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