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Arizer Solo Wooden Mouthpiece
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This Solo stem is currently out of stock, but check out the line of American made Arizer Solo Premium Wood Stems in Oak, Cherry and Walnut!

The Arizer Solo comes with thick cut glass mouthpieces with four small holes that act as the screen. Many have had issue with the portability of a glass mouthpiece, let alone its durability. Now those concerns can be washed away with the hand made Arizer Solo Wooden Mouthpiece. These mouthpieces are as close to indestructible as they come, with an all natural wood shaft and stainless steel bowl chamber.

The wood is actually Granadillo wood, a very rare and exotic wood coming from South America. It has a red to reddish brown design with hints of black. Each mouthpiece is hand made, so one mouthpiece won't look like the other giving you a unique item. In the stainless steel bowl end there is a half inch screen that is locked in with a retaining clip, so you can bang away at the mouthpiece all you want and the screen will stay secure.

These wooden mouthpieces are truly one of a kind beauties and a great pick up for any Arizer Solo owner.


- 1 x Arizer Solo Granadillo Wooden Mouthpiece

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No more glass!

  Robin Bayley - Jan 18 2014, 14:51 PM

"Having replaced several glass mouthpieces, I decided to try the wooden one and I'm so glad I did. The wood itself is beautiful.. the tones are so rich. I did put a small piece of rubber tubing on the end for the mouth so it won't wear down. The built in screen is awesome and it fits tight unlike some of the glass ones that wobbled in the Solo. It is easy to clean . All in all I'm very pleased with my purchase and recommend it to those considering leaving broken glass behind."

Great mouthpiece

  Anonymous - Oct 05 2013, 12:39 PM

"The wood is beautiful, the quality of workmanship is excellent. I like having a screen, and there's no glass to break. The only thing that you should know is that it will take longer for the solo to reach any temp -- metal is a better conductor of heat than glass. Other than that, this is a perfect addition to a great vape."

Wood mouthpiece

  Terry Angelli - Sep 22 2013, 13:14 PM

"I purchased this because of repeated glass breakage. It works well enough but I've found that the vapor is delivered rather hot and harsh. Also the stainless steel tip gets VERY hot! The maker does stand behind them because the stainless tip became loose and would fall off. I shipped it back and they made a repair with a rivet through the tip and mouthpiece so it won't fall off again."

Nice Mouthpiece

  MPNATX - Oct 25 2012, 19:37 PM

"I purchased this wooden mouthpiece because the glass pieces were too susceptable to breakage. I broke two of the glass pieces withing a couple of weeks. Not carelessness, it's just bound to happen. Well, I've been using the wooden piece and it is definitely worth the upgrade. Even when transporting, there is no worry about breakage. The wooden piece makes the whole unit unbreakable. A screen will fit perfectly and is very easy to replace. The tip that is inserted has steel around it and willget very hot just like the glass. This mouthpiece also seems to fit more securely in the Solo. One minor issue I found is that the tip that goes into your mouth will wear down and fade after a while. A flexibel piece of hose or something to put on the tip would fix that. I would highly reccommend this mouthpiece and have since purchased a second one for my office."

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