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Vaporizer Cases

Vaporizer cases are an essential accessory and one of the wisest investments that you can make to protect your herb vaporizer or vape pen. With a quality case you can keep your vaporizer and accessories safe and stored away neatly and away from potential hazards. EZVapes offers a wide variety of durable custom cases for herbal vaporizers, vaporizer pen cases, and even pipes - many of which you can only find here.

Pinnacle Deluxe Hard Shell Sports Case
Pinnacle Deluxe Hard Shell Sports Case Store your Pinnacle or Pinnacle Pro vaporizer and its accessories in this airtight, weather resistant, hard shell sports case designed specifically fo…
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DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Case
DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Case The DaVinci portable vaporizer is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for vaporizing herbal blends, botanical concentrates, and even esse…
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Ascent Waterproof Sports Case
Ascent Waterproof Sports Case Keep your Ascent vaporizer stored away safe and sound in this hard shell, weather resistant Seahorse travel case. Now you can take your Ascent and al…
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eDab Lightweight Travel Case
eDab Lightweight Travel Case The eDab lightweight travel case keeps 2 pens and accessories safe in just half the size of a standard pen storage case. This means you can effectivel…
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Palm Vaporizer Sports Case
Palm Vaporizer Sports Case The Palm Vaporizer is still very new in the world of portable vaporizing, however, it has quickly become a customer favorite thanks to its incredibly …
Joyetech eCab Carry Case
Joyetech eCab Carry Case Joyetech's eCab not only offers a more sophisticated way of changing atomizers and batteries but is also very stylish. The sleek body and gold tri…
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Extreme Q Kush Series Case
Extreme Q Kush Series Case The Extreme Q is hands down a customer favorite vaporizer. It is often compared to the Volcano vaporizer in terms of quality and its easy remote contr…
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Wispr 2 Sports Case
Wispr 2 Sports Case Building off of the incredibly popular Iolite, Oglesby & Butler has released their newest portable vaporizer, the Wispr 2. This small portable vap…
Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case (Leather Print)
Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case (Leather Print) Not everyone can just leave their vaporizer laying around, whether for discretion or because you might not fully trust that roommate living in the oth…
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Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case (Ancient Book)
Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case (Ancient Book) If it is a discreet vaporizer case you have been looking for then Secret Vape is exactly what you need. The Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case is …
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Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case (Stainless Steel)
Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case (Stainless Steel) Secret Vape vaporizer cases are designed with complete discretion in mind, allowing you to leave your vape and case anywhere without having to worry a…
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Arizer Solo Vape Case
Arizer Solo Vape Case The Arizer Solo Vape Case takes your Arizer Solo, the two provided glass mouthpieces, aromatherapy dish, and the charger and packs them all neatly in …
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Magic Flight Launch Box Vape Case
Magic Flight Launch Box Vape Case The Magic Flight Launch Box is a super portable vaporizer that comes with its own tin and black velvet carrying case, but neither offer the protection…
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Volcano Kush Series Case
Volcano Kush Series Case Both the Volcano Digit and the Volcano Classic are huge investments, no matter how you look at it. So protect that investment with the new Kush Series…
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