Vaporizer Parts

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Vaporizer Parts

Whatever part or accessory you need for your vaporizer, new or old, you will find it here at EZVapes. We stock vaporizer parts and accessories for a number of vaporizers for our customer's convenience. EZVapes is your one stop shop.

Worked Vaporizer Handkit
Worked Vaporizer Handkit This Worked Vaporizer Handkit features a colorful glass on glass female connection and mouthpiece in various designs and is made from thick glass for …
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International Universal AC Power Adapter
International Universal AC Power Adapter Eliminate power supply compatibility issues on electric devices purchased internationally online or during your travels abroad. Our super affordable, …
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Standard Handkit
Standard Handkit This is your standard handkit that will attach to most box style vaporizers, such as the VaporBox or Easy Vape. It has a glass mouthpiece and a glass …
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Hands Free Handkit
Hands Free Handkit This Hands Free Handkit is made to be used with most box style vaporizers that use a vapor whip for direct inhalation. It is designed to pull apart, i…
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