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Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl w/ Screen
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The Fumo Pipe has been a best seller and customer favorite for some time now. Its easy operation and durable design make it a go to tobacco pipe for those who need something quick and easy when they are away from home. The Fumo Pipe originally comes with an aluminum bowl with stainless steel screen, but now you can enahnce your experience with this new Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl.

The galss bowl comes with a glass screen that drops right in, so you never need to replace the screen, simply clean it as you would the bowl and you are all set. With the glass bowl you can now enjoy the full flavor of you material of choice, with no outside taste interfering at all.

Note: As per our standard return policy, if any glass product is received damaged or broken you must contact us by phone within 24 hours of receiving the product for assistance.

Additional Note: The glass bowl only fits Fumo Pipes with the following symbol on the bottom of the billet aluminum piece:

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Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl w/ Screen

Great addition

  Anonymous - Jan 19 2015, 20:26 PM

"this bowl is much smoother than the standard bowl as well as the party bowl. I'm glad I no longer have to replace or try to clean screens. It seemed like I always melted through them anyway (can't be good) and the one's sold at my local shop had to be cut to fit. The hole in the bottom is a little wide, which is why it includes glass screens, but I have yet to need to use them. Great addition to an amazing piece, will be my primary bowl from now on"

Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl w/ Screen

Deserves a try

  SpaDude - Aug 08 2014, 09:27 AM

"After being frustrated with changing screens constantly, I still had this little dandy thing sitting around but never used since buying my fumo. It's a little tricky getting it to fit properly but once you do it is quite a treat. It may hold less than the other bowls (for me 2 - 4 hits) but the smoking experience is much better and less frustrating since you don't have to mess with screens. You don't have to use that little glass screen for this either or at least I don't."

Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl w/ Screen

makes the Fumo way better!

  hhevryday - Feb 24 2014, 19:25 PM

"I ordered the Fumo glass bowl after burning through all seven screens I had in no time. After getting some cheap stainless screens that almost fit from the local smoke shop that didn't work at all and tasted horrible, I still have all except one sitting in the bag. I decided to try this instead of buying more expensive Fumo stainless screens. The difference is incredible, the glass bowl is made of very high quality glass with no bubbles or flaws at all and it fits it the pipe perfectly, there is pretty much no metallic taste whatsoever anymore, it seems like it rips better too. It's real easy to clean, a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean it good, but the corner of a paper towel and the poking tool that comes with the Fumo pipe works just fine on the go. The glass screen that came with the Fumo glass bowl works and fits perfectly but is not necessary to use at all times, it works great with ... The glass bowl is kind of tricky to get into the pipe where the stainless bowl would screw in and out with ease, the O-ring fits just alright in the pipe. The hardest thing was to get the O-ring to stay in place when putting the glass bowl back into the pipe, I suggest leaving the O-ring on the glass bowl when it's not in the pipe to stretch it out a little. With time and practice it seems like it'll get easier to get the glass bowl in and out of the pipe. Overall, the money saved on Fumo stainless screens, the ease of cleaning the glass bowl, and the elimination of the metallic taste makes the Fumo glass bowl well worth the price."

Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl w/ Screen

Pretty good

  The dude - Oct 14 2013, 16:10 PM

"Bought this 6 days ago with the fumo bling swirl in that sick metal color. Pulls better than the metal piece, and doesn't require extra screens as long as you don't lose them. NOTE: the bowl only drops in the hole and can fall out. Also, this should be added at a lower price on the bling series under accessories for them. Besides that it's pretty solid, just finished using my piece with it xD 4/5 until the 2 things I found are fixed"

Fumo Pipe Glass Bowl w/ Screen

Nice bowl piece!

  Anonymous - Aug 28 2013, 07:41 AM

"I recently ordered a glass bowl piece on advice from my friend. He said glass bowls pull much better than the standard metallic bowls that the fumos come with. Well, he was right! Once I put this badboy in, the pulls have been much smoother and just "feel" better! It also helps that I finally cleaned my pipe and cleared up all the clogs.. but yeah, the pipe pulls like fresh now and I'm loving it! Only thing to be careful about is the small size of the screen.. you can EASILY lose it or misplace it if you're not careful. Also, make sure to clean your piece often, as that's the only way to ensure good pulls!"

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