Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

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Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System
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The Incredibowl Quick Draw Release System improves the performance and ease of use of the Incredibowl m420 all in one shot. The Quick Draw System adds a small trigger that you pull that releases the carb quickly and easily. This is a must have for any Incredibowl enthusiast. The Quick Draw also comes with a new spring so you can give your Incredibowl Mini the ability to clear itself with the press of a finger!


- Incredibowl Mini Quick Draw Trigger

- Spring

- Instructions

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Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

mighty trigger!

  clint kees - Dec 10 2016, 02:50 AM

"I had my m420 for probably a good couple of months before I got the trigger for it. I am a social smoker and after the second or third lap with three or more people the bowl armor would be to hot to touch. With the trigger it's no longer a worry and you can use the pipe one handed now where you couldn't before. Processed fast and shipped fast just. Ordered it the day before xmas."

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System


  Anonymous - Sep 16 2015, 11:57 AM

"great product, would recommend with any incredibowl piece"

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

Quick draw attachment

  Anonymous - Sep 01 2015, 01:30 AM

"Great product that does what it says it does."

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

Awesome addition to your Incredibowl M420

  RGO - Mar 21 2015, 20:39 PM

"This thing is awesome. It's a nice addition to your M420. The shopping experience with EZ Vape has been great. Jared was very helpful and always kept me posted on any changes or delays to my orders. EZ vapes has become my go to shop."

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System


  Ian - Aug 25 2014, 14:39 PM

"Fantastic addition to the m420."

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

decent addition

  Ken B - Jan 06 2014, 07:16 AM

"The M420 trigger makes using the pipe a lot easier. My only complaint is the trigger system can leak in air around the seal if the bowl is packed very tight. The piece itself looks great on the pipe and was easy to assemble on to the m420."

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

Great product, but minor flaws

  Jason - Oct 18 2013, 19:57 PM

"Overall its a great product. Makes it much easier to clear, easier to drive with, goes on easy, and looks cool. Only flaws would be sometimes you'll get a small leak around the seal, but its easy to fix. The pull isn't as powerful, sense it kinda just lifts one side, that being said it still gets the job don just as well. Very good product. Definitely worth the buy."

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

makes hitting easy

  Anonymous - Aug 21 2013, 15:28 PM

"It makes using the m420 easier. A tip for those getting one do not screw the screen tight it closes the spring to much with the trigger on and you dont get a good pull. By leaving the screen unscrewed some it allows everything to work right. They should include some type of attachment to extend this so everything could be tightened properly. Over all good piece"

Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw Release System

Best accessory for mini incredibowl

  William M - Oct 04 2012, 16:50 PM

"If you own an incredibowl m420 and are only going to buy 1 accessory for it pick this. The extension tubes are great but the thing works amazingly without them. My 2 biggest complaints about it are easily fixed by purchasing the quick draw trigger. number one, you need 2 hands to work the incredibowl because you use 1 to hold it and 1 to pull the bowl armor away from the chamber (wich replaces the traditional carb hole on a glass pipe). With the trigger you can use 1 hand to both hold the pipe and press the trigger which raises the bowl armor for you. number 2, the bowl armor gets VERY hot if you are using it for more than a few minutes and it's pretty easy to burn your fingers when pulling on the bowl armor. with the trigger, you never have to touch the armor. I know $17 seems a little expensive but it is totally worth it."

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