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VripTech Vaporizing Water Tool PerK
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Similar to the VripTech Water Tool Pro Model, the VripTech Vaporizing Water Tool PerK is a water tool designed specifically for vaporizing. However the Water Tool PerK improves on the Water Tool Pro Model's design in several ways. Most noticeable of the design improvements are the 4 sets of 4 diffuser jets that give you a nice vacuum resistance. It also has the ice catcher at its base to give you the smoothest vapor possible.

The glass on glass design slider piece adapts to fit the 14.4mm Vaporization Chamber Bowls (VCB) made by VripTech. Combining these water tools with either the Steinel Heat Gun or the VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 is going to produce possibly the nicest vapor you have ever experienced.


The Water Tool PerK is made of a strong Pyrex glass.


It is made to be used with either the Steinel Heat Gun or the VripTech Heat Wand 3.0


VripTech International

Manufacturer's Warranty:

30 days on manufacturer based defects on the glass (if the glass cracks from regular usage).

Manufacturer's Note:

Due to the Ergonomic considerations resulting in the trademark VripTech kickback at the top of our VWTs the glass will be thinner at the front of the bend so please do not force over-sized ice cubes against the glass as the ice will likely win and the glass will lose. Please use crushed ice or shrink over-sized cubes by running them under warm water first.

Brand: VripTech International

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