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Magic Flight Launch Box
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4.5 stars, based on 22 reviews
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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a highly rated, battery operated hand held vaporizer that has earned a reputation for producing top quality vapor with very little smell and truly silent operation. Crafted by hand in California, the super popular Launch Box sports an extremely portable design ideal for quick, discreet vaporizing sessions on the go.

Buying the Launch Box is an easy and affordable way for newbies to gain experience vaporizing - but don't let the size fool you. The MFLB is capable of generating thick, dense vapor which also makes it a wise investment for experienced users who are considering the purchase of a new portable vaporizer. 

Reserve your flight on the MFLB today and you will quickly discover why this magical little vaporizer is one of our best sellers and is well known and loved around the world! Don't forget to add whip tubing to your order, it is one accessory you won't want to be without! Each brand new Launch Box set includes our exclusive bonuses!


- Newest Model Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

- 1 x Choice of Grinder

- 1 x FREE Mini Amber Glass Storage Jar

- 2 Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries with Rubber Caps

- Mouthpiece (Glass Stem)

- New Black Magic Flight Battery Wall Charger

- Cleaning Brush

- Sleek Black Carrying Tin

- Instruction Manual and Flyer


The Magic Flight Launch Box is constructed of wood, utilizes a plastic, glass, or wood mouthpiece plus optional draw whip, and uses a battery powered hot plate heating element.

Genuine Magic Flight Brand Parts and Accessories:

Plastic Mouthpiece

Wood Mouthpieces

Glass Mouthpiece

Cleaning Brush

Battery Pack

1ft Standard Whip Tubing

2ft Desktop Whip Tubing

3ft Party Whip Tubing

Mini Grinder

ABV Container

Magic Flight Vape Case

Accessory Pack

Magic Flight Launch Box Parts and Accessories


Under 1 lb


Made in the USA by Magic-Flight

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Magic-Flight grants to all purchasers of the Launch Box a lifetime functional warranty and will replace defective or damaged units free of charge.

All accessories included in the standard MFLB kit are covered under warranty for the first 90 days after the date of purchase.

Additional Manufacturer Information:

"This device is intended for tobacco, legal herbal smoke, legal herbs and aromatherapy use only."

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Amazing product

  br117828 - Dec 23 2014, 21:58 PM

"Not only is this product very awesome the customer service is just as perfect! Thanks ezvapes!"

Convienient and compact

  James Elias - Oct 08 2014, 09:19 AM

"I like this unit. The small size does not denote small amounts of vapor. The battery is a little touchy as far as adjusting how much heat is applied to your herbal matter. But I have only had this for a short time and will update this review when I am more familiar with it."

Magic Flight Launch Box

  GC - Jul 03 2014, 04:09 AM

"I like the simple design….the vapor is a little harsh compared to my Pinnacle Pro and no, my material is not burning…there's going to be a learning curve with the "in and outs "of the battery use….I like it"

MFLB Rocks!

  Anonymous - May 14 2014, 06:59 AM

"After hours and hours of researching why I absolutely needed a vaporizer, I was finally faced with that difficult choice: which one…? There really are a lot of vaporizers out there, and figuring out which one to get is no easy task. After countless comparisons, late night researching and weeks of going back and forth between the various vaporizers, I decided to settle on the Magic Flight Launch Box as my weapon of choice. The following information describes what made me choose the MFLB over all the others and why I have not looked back since. When I received my beloved MFLB, I was really impressed with the packaging. Magic Flight clearly put a lot of care and effort into how their product was presented. Just unboxing the MFLB was a unique experience all on it’s own! The craftsmanship of the actual launch box is exceptional; it’s small and light, extremely comfortable to hold, and it’s beautifully hand-crafted out of a fine selection of either Maple, Walnut or Cherry wood. It’s quality guarantee comes in the form of it’s amazing lifetime warranty! After reading through the included instruction manual, I was ready to take my first flight! The good folk at Magic Flight had already charged my batteries, so there was no waiting time. I slid open the cover, popped on my Finisher Grinder (an AWESOME grinder that really compliments the unit), and ground some ‘magic’ into the trench. The amount that each refill takes is about .8 to .12 grams of dry herb, and that can last a few sessions. After that, it was as simple as inserting the battery (the MFLB has an internal light that lets you see when the battery is connected as well as giving an indication of how much battery life is left by it’s strength), and drawing through the glass mouth stem. “My mind was made up to never smoke the tradition way again – before I had even exhaled.“ The waiting time from inserting the battery to inhaling is under 5 seconds, making this the fastest vaporizer on the market. (bare in mind it’s also the smallest!). The first thing I noticed was the taste. I knew from all my previous research that taste was a big factor when it came to vaporizing, but I had no idea it was THIS good! The vapor was super clean and pure; the sweet taste of the herb was absolutely mind-blowing. My mind was made up to never smoke the tradition way again – before I had even exhaled. When I exhaled for the first time, I was expecting to see a thick, dense cloud of vapour, but instead I saw…almost nothing, except a little wisp of vapour. At first I thought that I was perhaps doing something wrong. I tried again. Better, but still not anything impressive. Back to the instruction manual I went. I started paging through the book…where were those “First Flight” instructions..? They were in there somewhere…the pictures really did look pretty though.. All the colours… nice little booklet filled with pretty images…. and those reggae tunes…, sounded so good………so hungry…..made my way to the kitchen……ever so slowly….fooooood…….oh man I was goofed…… Vaporizing has a very distinct difference to smoking in the way that it is much more ‘clearer’. I personally find it a hundred times better than traditional smoking. It doesn’t have that ‘muggy and cloudy’ feeling, and the experience is much more mentally clean. You’ll understand what I mean when you take your very own first flight :) One of the best features of the MFLB is that your herb goes waaaaaay further! You also have precise control over how much material you actually use, which means that each refill can last a few sessions and your herb doesn’t get wasted due to constant heat like the other vaporizers on the market. The vapour also stays delicious right until your very last session, unlike tradition smoking which gets an ashy taste the more it burns. Another one of the (many!) great features of the Launch Box is its stealth. With its compact and unassuming design, the MFLB is easily concealed in the palm of your hand. It also leaves absolutely no scent (which also means you’re not left with a burnt aftertaste or your room smelling like ash from..well, left over ash). It’s felt-lined tin doubles as a stylish container for traveling too. Cleaning the MFLB was much easier than I thought it would be. The kit comes with a little brush to lightly clean the mesh inside the main chamber which is only required every now and again. There’s no soaking parts in various solutions or trying to clean gunk out of hard-to-reach places; it’s simply brush, blow and re-fill :) The journey with Magic Flight is an ongoing one; they are constantly adding new products to their range which either compliment your existing Magic Flight products, or add a whole new dimension to your herbal range. Take a look at their site to see what I mean. For those of you who are going to level up with the Launch Box, I highly recommend getting the Finisher Grinder for a truly fine grind, and the Concentrate Tray if you want to venture into herbal concentrates and extracts. I highly recommend this vaporizer, it’s one of those products that you wonder how you ever lived without. It’s stealthy, it’s beautiful, it’s healthy and it will take you on an intergalactic adventure if you give it half the chance. The friendly Magic Flight company is actively involved with it’s members, continually upgrading their products and services and keeping in close contact with it’s community. All in all, the Launch Box is just a fantastic product all round and a very welcomed addition to the land of herb. At $119 for the whole kit, you just can’t find better. Get your Launch Box today, and find out what you’ve been missing!"

Launch Box

  Anonymous - Mar 06 2014, 15:20 PM

"It works pretty well. It's kind of high maintenance. I'm sure that it will become easier as we get used to each other - only had it for two days."

MFLB Magic Flight Launch Box

  Rick Adams - Feb 11 2014, 07:16 AM

"So this is my first vape box/pen and I'm a little disappointed with the amount of vapor and the battery's are really junk ! Only had it 25 day and screen broke... Then the hole process of lifetime warranty whitch wasn't that bad only didn't have my vape for two-three weeks :( maybe just bad luck..... Rick"

MFLB lifetime warranty

  Anonymous - Dec 22 2013, 00:54 AM



  Rob - Aug 20 2013, 13:40 PM

"These things are little jewels, darn near art-forms. Simple, easy to use, easy to regulate, lots of YouTube how-to videos. I also ordered the Vape Case which is very protective without adding too much bulk. Couldn't be happier."

not to bad, but not the best

  corey - Feb 24 2013, 15:06 PM

"Ive yet to find a portable vape for herbs that works very well, and this was Okay at best. When I first got it I liked it, used it a lot. But I noticed if you abused it the screen would get clogged and need to be cleaned lightly regularly with alcohol. So that was a drawback, no one else has had that problem that I know. The last time I tried to use it I was in a non smoking hotel desperately trying to vape, It was pretty frustrating. I couldnt get It to work very well, I had to get new rechargable batteries because I was on a plane and It may have been too low of a Mah. But I would give it 5 stars if it came with the plug. Seems like a standard thing they could do to make a more useful product."

As stealth as possible!

  Anonymous - Dec 28 2012, 11:13 AM

"I definitely fell in love with my MFLB as soon as I learned how to use it. Yes, there's some learning curve to achieve great vapor on this portable, but as soon as you understand how to make it work, this is like the best you can get regarding portability and stealth! I have already tried it in a bus, a (non vaporizer, who did not notice) friends room, and many other places outdoor. Some friends who tried it fell in love as well...."

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