Vapir NO2 v2

Vapir NO2 v2
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The Vapir NO2 v2 is an easy to use portable vaporizer that eliminates the use of any cords, heats up fast, and fits comfortably in your hand. This vape's revolutionary stainless steel encased pure brass heating element is known to produce a clean, dense, and quality vapor comparable to an expensive table top vaporizer/ The No2 v2 features an extended battery life that lasts much longer than the original version, allowing for multiple sessions between charges and can even be used while the battery is charging for those must have vape sessions. The heating element has been improved upon and now reaches vaporzation temperatures in only a minute, making this device a great choice for someone looking take quick sessions while out on the go.

The Vapir NO2 v2 hand-held vaporizer allows for precise control of the temperature - which can be viewed on the unit's digital display in both F° and C°. The NO2 vaporizer will even remember and warm to your preferred temperature automatically! So you can "set it and forget it". These qualities make the Vapir NO2 portable vaporizer the ultimate in portability, quality, and value. Be sure to order one today, these are hard to keep in stock!

Please call or email for current unadvertised specials on the Vapir NO2! Remember to let your Vapir NO2 heat for 15-20 minutes before first use! This will burn off any residues present from the manufacturing process.


- Vapir NO2 v2 Vaporizer

- Rechargeable Lithium ION Battery

- Power Cord

- X-tip Mouthpiece

- Cleaning Brush

- Whip Style Attachment

- Bamboo Cleaning Sticks

- Herbal Scooping Cup

- Additional Replacement Screens

- Instruction Manual


Made of a strong plastic frame and it utilizes a stainless steel encased pure brass heating element.

Genuine Vapir NO2 Parts and Accessories:

Screen Pack

Rechargeable Battery

External Battery Charging Cord

Car Charger

Water Tool

Cleaning Sticks

Cleaning Brush



Spa Mask

Vapir NO2 Parts and Accessories


11.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches


2 lbs


Vapir Inc.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Register for Full 1 Year Warranty covering defects in manufacturing, parts, and labor.

Additional Manufacturer Information:

See "Warranty Information" section of Owners Manual

Brand: Vapir

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Vapir NO2 v2

Love it and then some......

  Marc R - Dec 11 2014, 11:47 AM

"I just love this vape. Only wish the battery life was longer. About the size of a standard plastic water bottle, it gives a true vaping experience. Easy to clean and use. Its my go to vaporizer. I also own a puffit but that things battery crapped out after not even a year and isn't replaceable as far as I know. I wouldn't say the NO2 is really portable (personally its kinda big to haul around) but I only use it around the house and its perfect for myself or a friend. Had mine over 2 years and its still awesome. If you clean it regularly it will reward you with years of hard use. Highly recommended. Price is right also."

Vapir NO2 v2

first try

  nqzha - Mar 02 2014, 02:24 AM

"I'm sold. This was my first experience with a vaporizer after years of smoking. I have to say I don't ever plan on going back, but you probably knew that already, because you're here. since this was my first,I have nothing to compare it to, but it's a lot more durable than the glass pipes I used to prefer. I'm somewhat clumsy, and I have 2 very happy dogs(tails always wagging) so anything on the coffee table needs to be fairly stable, or fairly durable. By itself, this isn't stable. But after 2 years, a little tape to hold the battery cover on and it's still running great."

Vapir NO2 v2

Best vape!!!

  Josh M - Jan 10 2014, 20:36 PM

"I have had this vaporizer for 2 1/2 years now and it works like the day I got it. I've tried about 10 different handhelds and by far this is the best! Most handhelds end up burning your contents. I have never had this burn any contents. It's about the size of a microphone. My brother-in-law bought one (on here) about a month ago because he liked mine so much!"

Vapir NO2 v2

Vapir No2

  Holly Sollender - Oct 16 2013, 02:03 AM

"I love it! Lightweight, smokes smooth and is easy to clean. My husband does not smoke and he likes this the best because it does not have a lot of smoke. Has great battery life. The one thing that I don't like is that the lid comes off too easily, so you gotta keep it very clean."

Vapir NO2 v2

Great Vape

  Smokey The Bear - Jun 13 2013, 11:15 AM

"Works great, and heats up extremely fast. Smooth medium sized hits. Only complaints are the size of the bowl, its not ideal for large groups of people."

Vapir NO2 v2

Nice unit. Comfortable.

  Anonymous - May 31 2013, 20:57 PM

"Nice unit, comfortable in the hand. Only a few minor complaints that if fixed would take this from a 4 to a 5: the screen holder is hard to remove when resin coated... the top is hard to screw on, needs better grip... the on/off button should be swapped with the temp display to avoid accidental shut off... Other than that, it is a fine unit."

Vapir NO2 v2

Decent starter vape

  Anonymous - Dec 22 2012, 18:43 PM

"I have owned this vape for a year and a half now; it was the first vaporizer I bought. I wanted a portable vape for accessibility, as I travel often. After getting this thing, I ended up loving it so much that it's become my go-to smoking apparatus. I use it several times a day. The Bad: ~Did have a slight plastic taste in the beginning, but nothing unbearable and it goes away as it heats up. ~It's a little big for a portable vape/hard to conceal. ~Only lasts about an hour on a charge, which is sometimes stressful on long road trips, worrying about it running out mid-puff (hasn't happened yet, but I'm very careful about turning it off as soon as I'm done with it). The Good: ~Decent vapor from small amounts of material. ~LED display with temp settings that allow you to set it exactly at the temp you need. ~Saves your last used heat setting so no adjustment needed. ~It also has an auto-turn-off feature that shuts off the unit after 20 minutes of use. ~Can be used plugged in, while charging. ~Feels comfortable in the hand. ~Heats up in approx 2 minutes to full temp. ~Good warranty; easy to deal with company. I had an issue with my charging wire so I sent it to the company to take a look at. This was 10 months after purchasing, and I had NOT registered my warranty when I purchased it, as they recommended (oops). However, I had my receipt and they fixed my unit and replaced the damaged part, no questions asked. Suggestions/Recommendations: ~Leave it plugged in during heat up, heats it up much quicker. ~I always let it sit for 5 minutes at my holding temp prior to loading ~Buy the pack of extra mouthpieces; the plastic gets coated in resin and is difficult to clean manually/impossible to clean with iso as it's plastic ~Get the car charger if you're using it for long trips"

Vapir NO2 v2


  Juleon McGinnis - Nov 28 2012, 11:32 AM

"i love my new vape, and so do my parents haha, thanks for the great tool"

Vapir NO2 v2


  Anonymous - Oct 09 2012, 18:39 PM

"Great product would recommend it to anyone"

Vapir NO2 v2

good product

  Anonymous - Sep 28 2012, 21:02 PM

"Works well when plugged in, but doesn't hold a charge for very long. Definitely need the car charger for use on the go."

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