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Below are vaporizers between $100 and $199.

Atmos Boss
Atmos Boss The Atmos Boss represents the next generation of pen style herb vaporizers from Atmos and is the thinnest model we have seen yet from any brand. Combi…
$124.95 $99.00
Atmos Vicod
Atmos Vicod The Atmos Vicod is the latest and possibly most advanced herbal vaporizer brought to us by Atmos RX. This portable is one of the smallest we've se…
$119.95 $99.00
Atmos Orbit
Atmos Orbit The Atmos Orbit vaporizer is in stock and ready to ship! The Orbit is Atmos' most advanced herbal vape pen to date. The Orbit is exclusively for u…
$119.95 $89.00
Atmos Astra
Atmos Astra The Atmos Astra is your solution for vaporizing dry herbs on the go. At about 6 inches tall and around an inch wide, this portable vaporizer can …
$119.95 $89.00
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AtmosRx DHK Advanced
AtmosRx DHK Advanced AtmosRX DHK Advanced Special Deal: Order today and receive a Slix Mini Concentrate Container at NO CHARGE! Get the most out of your concentr…
$119.95 $59.00
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Magic Flight Muad-Dib
Magic Flight Muad-Dib Magic Flight Muad-Dib Special Deal: Treat yourself to this vaporizer today and you will receive a Slix Mini Concentrate Container for FREE! These food…
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Atmos RAW
Atmos RAW Atmos RAW Special Deal: Order today and receive a Premium Glass Honeycomb Screen for FREE! Keep your dry herbs from coming in direct contact with the …
$99.95 $59.00
Vapman Mica
Vapman Mica The Vapman (Mica Version) is a super portable vaporizer hand made in Switzerland. Like a Swiss watch, the Vapman showcases refined design and close at…
$149.95 $147.00
Atmos R2
Atmos R2 Atmos R2 newest version in stock and ready to ship,  featuring a revolutionary anodized heating chamber with an added bonus of an advanced cerami…
$129.95 $79.00
Magic Flight Launch Box
Magic Flight Launch Box Magic Flight Launch Box Special Deal: Order now and receive the MFLB Vape Case for FREE! The Magic Flight Launch Box is a highly rated, battery opera…
Arizer V-Tower
Arizer V-Tower The V-Tower is a small digital table top vaporizer that takes advantage of a vertical airflow system to deliver a cool, smooth and enjoyable vapor. Th…
$199.00 $147.00
PUFFiT X The PUFFiT X, by Discreet Vape, is one of the stealthiest vaporizers available on the market. Disguised as an inhaler, no one knows you're actuall…
$199.99 $137.00
Vapman Junior
Vapman Junior You may or may not be familiar with the Vapman portable vaporizer at this point (if not you should be ashamed of yourself) but the high price point …
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Vapir NO2 v2
Vapir NO2 v2 The Vapir NO2 v2 is an easy to use portable vaporizer that eliminates the use of any cords, heats up fast, and fits comfortably in your hand. This vap…
$149.95 $129.00
710 Kan
710 Kan 710 Kan Special Deal: Order now and receive a FREE Slix Mini Concentrate Container! These containers are said to be some of the best on the marke…
$149.95 $85.00
VripTech Heat Wand 3.0
VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 The Vriptech Heat Wand 3.0 is lightweight, ergonomic and features an all glass heating surface that warms up fast. The VHW's patented 2 piece des…
 Out of Stock
$199.99 $189.00
Da Buddha
Da Buddha Da Buddha vaporizer happily marries both affordability and quality that you want in a vaporizer. Using an aluminum ceramic heating element, Da B…
 Out of Stock
Hot Box
Hot Box The Hot Box vaporizer uses direct inhalation through a vapor whip and actually is one of the first vaporizers to use a nichrome ceramic heating eleme…
 Out of Stock
$149.00 $109.00
Raw Vaporizer
Raw Vaporizer The RAW vaporizer, made by the popular rolling paper company that shares the same name, is a box style unit that uses an advanced dual screened wand a…
 Out of Stock
$149.95 $109.00
Joyetech eVic Supreme
Joyetech eVic Supreme The Joyetech eVic Supreme is the world's most advanced vaping mod! This tiny computer runs a visual operating system and provides complete control…
 Out of Stock
$159.95 $111.00
Lotus J Hook Kit
Lotus J Hook Kit The Lotus J Hook Kit takes the original Lotus vaporizer and adds an all glass vapor path for the purest and smoothest vapor imagineable. This portable…
 Out of Stock
$129.00 $117.00
Pinnacle The Pinnacle vaporizer by VaporBLUNT is an ultra portable, easy to use, and super efficient dry herb vaporizer, making it a great vape for first time …
 Out of Stock
$149.95 $99.00
Snow Wolf 200W TC Mod
Snow Wolf 200W TC Mod The Snow Wolf 200W TC Mod is one of the most versatile mods currently on the market. This device will support atomizers within the range of 0.05&Omega…
 Out of Stock
$159.95 $140.00
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Lotus Kit
Lotus Kit Lotus Kit vaporizer newest version in stock and ready to ship! Introducing one of the newer and more exciting portable vaporizers available today, th…
 Out of Stock
$135.00 $124.00

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