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Red-Eye Metalware are the creators of the anodized aluminum maze that your vapor or smoke is forced to travel through before reaching the mouthpiece, both cooling and cleaning it for an excellent smoking or vaporizing experience. Below are all of Red-Eye's pipes and vaporizers offered here at

King Amazed Pipe
King Amazed Pipe Similar to the original Amazed Pipe, the King Amazed Pipe takes the same great inner maze design originated by Red-Eye to cool your smoke and improves…
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Raswell Pipe
Raswell Pipe The Raswell Pipe, named for its UFO like shape, is a pipe designed with stainless steel that is super durable, but also acts as a heat sink for the sm…
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Amazed Pipe
Amazed Pipe The Amazed Pipe by Red-Eye is a small and lightweight portable pipe for discreet smoking sessions. The Amazed Pipe's tiny size and feather weight …
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Bul-It The Bul-It takes portable smoking to an all new level in not only size, but convenience as well. The Bul-It is super small, only about 3.5 inches in t…
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Splif Stik
Splif Stik Red-Eye takes their patented inner maze design to cool smoke and applies it to the Splif Stik, a small portable smoking accessory that can enhance alm…
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Alivi8 The Alivi8 is a small portable vaporizer that really focuses on quick, convenient and efficient vaporization away from home. The Alivi8 heats up alm…
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