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PYP TEK are the geniuses behind the super popular Prometheus Pipe line that offers all the benefits of a glass piece, but with a protective aluminum casing to stop it from easily breaking. Check out all the great products by PYP TEK below.

If you have any questions regarding any of the PYP TEK products below or would like to place an order feel free to call us during normal business hours, use our live chat function, or email us using the contact form.

Prometheus Pocket Pipe
Prometheus Pocket Pipe The Prometheus Pocket Pipe by PYP TEK has hit the ground running since its release and shows no signs of slowing down. In a crowded portable tob…
Prometheus Nano
Prometheus Nano The Prometheus Nano is an ultra portable dry herb combustion pipe and the new baby of the PYP TEK family. The Nano is just 3.25 inches long and …
Prometheus Titan Pipe
Prometheus Titan Pipe The Prometheus Titan Pipe by PYP TEK is already making a big name for itself with its unique, easy to clean, protected glass design . Offering th…
Prometheus Universal Oil Kit
Prometheus Universal Oil Kit The Prometheus Titan and Pocket are two of the top smoke pipes on the market and can now be quickly turned into a waxy vaporizer with a little help fr…
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Prometheus Pocket Oil Kit
Prometheus Pocket Oil Kit The Prometheus Pocket is well known for its amazing build quality, with a tough aircraft grade aluminum exoskeleton surrounding its glass bowl and s…
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Prometheus Titan Oil Kit
Prometheus Titan Oil Kit The Prometheus Titan by itself is a seriously impressive piece, with its aircraft grade aluminum shell protecting the glass bowl and stem. Add in th…
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Prometheus Pocket Replacement Glass Set
Prometheus Pocket Replacement Glass Set The Prometheus Pocket pipe by PYP TEK has gained a lot of popularity based on its super tough aluminum exoskeleton that houses and protects the glas…
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Prometheus Titan Replacement Glass Set
Prometheus Titan Replacement Glass Set One of the main draws of the Prometheus Titan pipe is how there is an aluminum shell surrounding and protecting its glass bowl and stem from damage. B…
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