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Vaporizers in the "Intermediate" category are best for someone who may have never used a vaporizer before or has limited experience with one. If you have used a vaporizer before and understand the concept, yet have never owned one, you should be able to use these vaporizers with ease.

If you have any questions regarding any of the vaporizers below or would like to place an order feel free to call us during normal business hours, use our live chat function, or email us using the contact form.

Plenty Vaporizer
Plenty Vaporizer Plenty vapes are in stock and ready to ship! The time has come, vaporizer powerhouses Storz & Bickel, creators of the hugely popular Volcano …
Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set
Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set Take the ultra portable Pinnacle Pro vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates, add in the Micro Shower water filtration tool for superior vapor qualit…
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Herbalizer Limited Edition
Herbalizer Limited Edition The Herbalizer gives you the freedom of choice and the luxury of having two vapes in one. Quickly and easily you can switch from using a whip or a vap…
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Cloud Pen 2.0
Cloud Pen 2.0 The Cloud Pen 2.0 may look like just another micro concentrate vaporizer, but its bringing many features to the table similar vaporizers are not. Sure…
Pinnacle Pro
Pinnacle Pro Pinnacle Pro vaporizers are in stock and ready to ship! Now with glass screen housing and vapor tube in the PonG adapter! The Pinnacle quickly bec…
Baker Vaporizer
Baker Vaporizer VaporBLUNT is completely changing everything you've come to know about table top vaporizers with their super compact and feature rich Baker vapori…
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Lotus J Hook Kit
Lotus J Hook Kit In stock and ready to ship! The Lotus J Hook Kit takes the original Lotus vaporizer and adds an all glass vapor path for the purest and smoothest vap…
Joyetech eVic Kit
Joyetech eVic Kit Every time Joyetech releases a new product it has a new and unique feature never before seen in a small pen vaporizer. Although many competitors try t…
Pinnacle The Original Pinnacle by VaporBLUNT is an ultra portable, easy to use, and super efficient dry herb vaporizer, making it a great vape for first time u…
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Volcano Classic
Volcano Classic The Volcano Classic set the standard early on when it exploded onto the scene and to this day is still a best seller and overwhelming favorite am…
Omicron V2.5 Kit
Omicron V2.5 Kit The Omicron v2.5 oil vaporizer offers a rugged, yet lightweight, upgradeable mod and includes the newly designed kiss cartridge with a titanium heatin…
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Lotus We stock and ship only the newest version of the Lotus, with deeper chamber and no "red spot" or combustion! In stock and ready to ship! I…
Atmos R2
Atmos R2 The Atmos R2 is a next generation pen vaporizer with an advanced design intended to be used with dry herbs and concentrates anywhere, anytime. At fir…
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Snoop Dogg Herbal G Pen
Snoop Dogg Herbal G Pen Vapor pen veterans, Grenco Science, have teamed up with Snoop Dogg to release the first pen in the "Double G" series, a fully customized G P…
O-Phos The O-PHOS is similar to its older siblings in the Delta9Vapes family, however, this oil vaporizer has a sleeker and more portable design. This isn…
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Persei Kit
Persei Kit The Persei portable vaporizer is a small convenient device perfect for vaporizing essential oils and concentrates at home or when you are out and abou…
Vapir NO2
Vapir NO2 The Vapir NO2 is an easy to use portable vaporizer that eliminates the use of any cords, heats up fast, and fits comfortably in your hand. The NO2&#…
G Pen
G Pen The newest G Coil G Pen is in stock and ready to ship! The G Pen vaporizer by Grenco Science is a no nonsense oil vaporizer that knows what you need …
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Arizer V-Tower
Arizer V-Tower The V-Tower is a small digital table top vaporizer that takes advantage of a vertical airflow system to deliver a cool, smooth and enjoyable vapor…
Atmos Nail 510
Atmos Nail 510 The Atmos Nail 510 is a small, slim portable vaporizer perfect for all your essential oils and botanical concentrates. No matter what the consistency;…
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Eclipse Handheld
Eclipse Handheld The Eclipse Handheld is the latest version of the former Essential Vape. The Eclipse Handheld is great for vaporizing essential oils and concentrates …
Vapolution Pocket Vaporizer Kit
Vapolution Pocket Vaporizer Kit Vapolution first hit the scene with their table top vaporizer and are now looking to take their act on the road with the portable Pocket Vaporizer Kit…
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710 Kan
710 Kan The 710 Kan is a perfect blend of trusted old school titanium nail oil vaping with a fresh new portable design. Made from only the best materials,…
Incredibowl m420 Turtle Dome Concentrate Set
Incredibowl m420 Turtle Dome Concentrate Set The Incredibowl m420 has been impressing smoking connoisseurs everywhere since its release and has done nothing but grow in popularity since. Numerous…
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