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Our economy category of smoke pipes consists of any smoking pipe that is priced at or under $20, perfect for those on a budget. Whether you're looking to buy an innovative smoke pipe from Monkey Pipe or a portable smoking device Red-Eye complete with keychain, you are sure to get exactly what you need without having the need to break your bank in the process.

Saxophone Pipe
Saxophone Pipe Saxophone Pipe Special Deal: Buy one get one free! With every purchase receive two Saxophone Pipes for the price of one! The Saxophone Pipe is a…
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Oregon Trail Pipe
Oregon Trail Pipe Oregon Trail Special Deal: Order today and receive 5 pipe screens at no further cost. These premium pipe filters feature a stainless steel constructio…
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Spark Plug Pipe
Spark Plug Pipe The Spark Plug Pipe is the ultimate smoking device for stealth smoking on the go. This novelty pipe is designed to genuinely look like a spark plug, …
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Mini Maze Pipe Keychain
Mini Maze Pipe Keychain This small pipe features an inner maze smoke path designed to provide a smooth cooled pull from a small compact pipe. Unscrew the tip of the pipe to l…
Mushroom Pipe Colored
Mushroom Pipe Colored The mushroom pipe is a small convertible smoking device that can transform from an innocent mushroom keychain into a portable tobacco pipe in a few …
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