Incredibowl m420 Colored Angled Bowl

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Incredibowl m420 Colored Angled Bowl
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The Incredibowl m420 colored angled glass bowl not only provides a clear view of your material while using the m420 pipe, but adds a touch of style with its multiple colored tie-dye design.

Made from thick glass, the angled m420 bowl is durable and features textured glass designs on the back that add an interesting look and comfortable grip to the bowl.

A 90 degree angle puts your material front and center while you are using the Incredibowl, so you don't have to wonder if you are lighting the right spot or how much material you have left.

The thick glass makes transitioning to the new angled style as simple as removing the standard bowl and sliding in the new one.

Bring your Incredibowl m420 back to the old school with a little help from this colored angled glass bowl.

Note: This is an aftermarket item and is not produced by Incredibowl.

Incredibowl m420 sold separately - Buy the mini Incredibowl pipe and colored angled bowl together here.


- 1 x Colored Angled m420 Bowl

Brand: Incredibowl

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Incredibowl m420 Colored Angled Bowl


  1000g - Jan 06 2017, 16:43 PM

"Nothing unexpectedly fragile about this piece as a previous reviewer said. In fact I think it is beautiful and well made. I can tell they tried to match the color selected with my m420 which is cool.. the m420 itself is very small so it goes without saying the stem on this also has to be, but the glass quality itself doesn't seem to be any different from the clear angled ones and the colors are vivid and bright."

Incredibowl m420 Colored Angled Bowl

IncrediBowl fun and fantastic functionality while it lasted; broke on day two & $35 is pricey...

  James - Jul 25 2014, 07:44 AM

"Awesome for the single night I was able to utilize the glass bowl, very functional angled bowl concept, user-friendly, and quite psychedelic and funky looking as well. But my m420 rolled off of my nightstand on to a carpeted floor and the stem of the glass snapped right where it meets the bowl. I'm still trying to figure out how it managed to roll as it was braced on the table top with the trigger-piece on one side and a book on the other side. This is an incredibly functional and cool looking product but very, very fragile and an overall let-down considering the steep $35.00 cost. I wish it had a more hefty thickness at those vulnerable spots (the distance from nightstand to thick carpet was less than 2 feet). Oh well, love the angled bowl concept, just have to wait for the more reasonable non-colored angled glass m420 bowls to re-stock I guess...peace people."

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