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Out with the old and in with the new, introducing the brand new Journey Pipe 3, or Journey3. Everything you loved about the original Journey Pipe, like its durable zinc alloy design and super easy to clean design have returned, but with improvements across the board. The Journey3 now employs one super strong magnet, instead of multiple, that keep each piece of the Journey Pipe held together tight, until you want to take them apart for loading or cleaning.

The Journey3 is completely pocket size and even comes with a durable carrying case that holds the Journey Pipe and a lighter, so you will be all set to take the Journey3 on the road with you. In addition to the original Nickel color, they have now added two new colors: Smoky Mirror and the premium Gold finish, for a little customization this time around.


- Journey Pipe 3

- Journey Pocket Box

- Instruction Sheet


The Journey Pipe is made of a durable zinc alloy.


Portable, Direct Inhalation


Under 1 lb


Journey Pipe

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  Shontez Blue - Apr 07 2014, 22:53 PM

"WHEN I FIRST RECIEVED IT IN THE MAIL AND HELD IT.. It was love at first pipe ...I mean sight!! If anyone is having second thoughts about this pipe I assure you won't be regretting your choice., no buyers remorse Absolutely genius pipe and it hit very nice but be careful not to pull so hard because it will fool you because it pulls so smooth.. Promise your people around you gonna want one ENVY !!!"

Love it.

  Anonymous - Apr 07 2014, 03:49 AM

"The Journey truly is great. It's so smooth when hitting and the constant cleaning means super clean non residue hits. My person favorite feature is the magnetic lid acts as a instant cover and puts out your pipe contents. I have the normal metal looking one and it's great but I WANT the gold one soon."

Sweet pair

  PerfictLightning - Feb 22 2014, 04:03 AM

"I got the Journey 2 pipe with a cvault, both of which I just happened to be looking for. Great products, shipping and price (cept I went for the Sunset Platnium which was pricey). The pipe is my stealth piece, handy, a little slippery to hold but you get used to it. Cool and filtered smoke. I love it. The cvault, you have it for ten minutes and wonder how you ever got along without it, ten days later and that stale herb is smooth agian, unreal."


  Anonymous - Feb 18 2014, 11:12 AM

"Got a Journey 2 as a gift, and had to see what the new Journey 3, and how it was different. It shipped almost immediately, and arrived on the schedule stated. Absolutely no complaints here!"

Smooth Like Glass......

  The Dude or A Dude - Jan 31 2014, 13:34 PM

"...but with the durability of metal. Also hands down the easiest piece I have ever cleaned. The finish is smooth and sexy like a freshly shaven........."

Journey 2.5

  Anonymous - Jan 30 2014, 19:27 PM

"This pipe has been the subject of much confusion. The original was designed and made in England--the Journey 2 is made in the US by a company headquartered in Nevada. This site is the best place to get them--they cost $ here but I've seen certain schmucks offering them for $$ or even $$$ elsewhere. I've even seen someone trying to sell these as the "Journey 3", which is bunk as as of the writing of this review (Jan 2014), the Journey 2 is the most current version. I've seen more options for the color and finish than what is offered here, but not at this price. The standard "satin nickel" looks absolutely great and the "matte" (non-reflective) finish FEELS great as well. The "mirror finish" versions show fingerprints and lack the smooth feel of these versions. Plus the three colors here all include the most recent, rubber-lined case, which is the only distinguishing feature listed by the @#$ trying to claim his pipes as the "Journey 3". Basically what you're getting here is the newest Journey pipe (the Journey 2) in one of three matte finish colors, with the newly revised, rubber lined carrying case. And for a device that evokes the aesthetic of an institutional toilet-sink, its functionality is truly phenomenal. The lid pivots easily to either side of the bowl and back again to snuff your herb and keep it from spilling during transit; the mass of the pipe coupled with the design of the inner chamber does an effective job of cooling the smoke; the whole piece is held securely together with magnets yet breaks down effortlessly for cleaning; and best of all, the design of the bowl provides and unparalleled smooth and even draw while simultaneously obviating the need for a screen! That alone makes this pipe a worthy purchase. I know most of my other smokeware is languishing on the shelf since my Journey 2 arrived!"

journey 2

  Anonymous - Nov 28 2013, 09:26 AM

"great product , 100 percent positive"

BEST one I've ever had!

  Steve R - Oct 08 2013, 08:53 AM

"Seriously awesome, just buy it. It does what is advertised. Keeping clean is a breeze. And the pulls are SOOO smooth. Fits nicely in your pocket."

A Perfect Pipe? Well Very Nearly

  ChrisChaos - Sep 09 2013, 04:52 AM

"Having already owned, (& lost), the original Journey Pipe I eventually found it on sale here, a mere 2,000 miles from home. A great pipe with a small, but easily sorted problem. The good points are a lovely cool & smooth smoke for a pipe of this size, Very quick & easy to clean, even when you're outdoors with only a couple of leafs from a tree to clean it with Feels so good in your hand, nicely weighted & balanced, nice finish, a real pleasure to have and to hold, (and to smoke) Only bad point is that the bottom magnet wasn't held in tightly in the one I recieved and it came out of the setting for it, much the same as happened with the original one, but a small dab of epoxy and a pair of mole grips, or any means to put pressure on it to press the magnet back in and any excess epoxy or glue out and it's sorted. Don't let this put you off though, it's a great pipe and well worth buying, I've been smoking for over 30 years now, and only smoking pipes, (no roll-ups), for the last 8 years amd this is by far the nicest allround pipe, better than 'Amazed' better than a 'Palm Leaf' a far easier smoke than an 'Agent Blue' Stop looking and buy one, you'll be happy that you did ;-) ChrisChaos"

Best pipe ever!

  Anonymous - Jun 20 2013, 00:49 AM

"Best in all aspects, easy to clean, easy to use, and I love the cool case! Thank you Journey2!"

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