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Journey 3 Pipe
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The Journey Pipe 3 is a unique hand pipe known and loved around the world. Like its predecessors the J3 features durable zinc alloy design and a super easy to clean design, but with improvements across the board. The Journey 3 employs one super strong magnet, instead of multiple, that keep each piece of the Journey Pipe held together tight, until you want to take them apart for loading or cleaning.

The Journey Pipe 3 is completely pocket size and even comes with a durable carrying case that holds the Journey and a lighter, so you will be all set to take the it on the road with you. Similar to the original Nickel, you can pick up the third version in the new Twilight Silver color.


- Journey Pipe 3

- Journey Pocket Box

- Instruction Sheet


The Journey Pipe is made of a durable zinc alloy.


Under 1 lb


Journey Pipe

Brand: Journey Pipe

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Journey 3 Pipe

Easy to clean

  Anonymous - Apr 10 2016, 00:29 AM

"Bought two of these, one for a gift. They really liked there special gift! It is very easy to clean and works great. Everyone always asks where to get this and they think it is a cool item. Highly recommend this. We actually saw someone else have this and decided to find it as well. The best part is that you do not need any screens and it has a nice case that also fits a Bic lighter perfectly."

Journey 3 Pipe

All time favorite Pipe

  Anonymous - Apr 07 2016, 03:28 AM

"This pipe is my all time favorite in 40+ years. I've tried corn cob, proto, water, glass, wooden, bone, aluminum, brass, copper & various stone pipes... No screen needed, never gets hot, cool smoke, no odd taste buildup, never spitting bits & pieces out, cleans in a few moments with an alcohol wipe or a dipped swab... An absolute sensual pleasure to hold, no rough edges, slide the lid closed & it is out with no smoke trickle. In the several years I've had the Journey Pipes I have rarely had one pop open whether it's been in a pocket, pack, purse, bra, boot top, tool box."

Journey 3 Pipe

Well made, an improvement over the Journey2

  fartboner - Dec 01 2014, 01:41 AM

"I bought the Journey3 because I was so impressed with my Journey2 pipe that I had just lost somewhere. The pipe arrived and upon opening it, I immediately noticed the larger size. I had read that the pipe had a larger bowl and it would appear to reflect that in the case size as well as the actual size of the pipe itself. I didn't measure the difference in size but it is noticeably larger. The case seems to be sturdier than the one included with the Journey2, which I hope will be true considering my Journey2 case hinge snapped in two and I resorted to securing the halves of the case with electrical tape. Inspecting the pipe I notice that the material is slightly different, and weighs a little less than the previous incarnation of the pipe. Opening the pipe seems to lock much more sturdily and requires more effort than the Journey2 pipe. The bowl seems to have a larger gap for the flame and smoke to go through. Taking it apart I noticed that the bottom magnet is a bit more recessed and the top magnet protrudes more than the Journey2 pipe. I figure this is to not impede smoke flow, or something like that. The layers fit a little less snugly than the previous model. Smoking the pipe is just as smooth if not smoother than the last model. It's just as air tight despite the less snug hold by the magnets. Upon emptying the pipe the bottom layer does seem to have more material than the last. The increased gap seems to have let a little material out into the bottom layer compared to the no loss of material that the previous version allowed. All in all, the pipe's new design seems to improve upon the last. Reliability-wise, I expect this to last longer than the previous. If I don't lose it, that is."

Journey 3 Pipe

Great Pipe

  Anonymous - Aug 03 2014, 13:13 PM

"I purchased this pipe for my wife. She is thrilled with it - says it is the best pipe she has ever owned. It burns great and is easy to clean."

Journey 3 Pipe

Journey 3 pipe

  Anonymous - Jul 18 2014, 20:22 PM

"Excellent hand pipe, just what I was looking for. So far I have found no flaws with this device. I'll need to use this for a while before I could make an accurate review but from what I've seen so far this pipe is excellent. Also thank you EZvapes for the complimentary storage jar, it's a very nice little container that I'll definitely find a use for. Shipping was very fast and customer service was excellent. They were very easy to communicate with. I would recommend the Journey 3 pipe and EZvapes to my friends."

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