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Keychain pipes provide users with the most convenient and discrete smoking experience. You will never have to leave your pipe at home again thanks to this collection of premium quality keychain smoking pipes. Our entire selection below consists of top-ranked brands in this industry including Red-Eye and Piece Pipe, guaranteeing you are buying nothing but a quality keychain smoke pipe that is sure to impress.

Mini Maze Pipe Keychain
Mini Maze Pipe Keychain This small pipe features an inner maze smoke path designed to provide a smooth cooled pull from a small compact pipe. Unscrew the tip of the pipe to l…
$7.95 $6.00
Mushroom Pipe Colored
Mushroom Pipe Colored The mushroom pipe is a small convertible smoking device that can transform from an innocent mushroom keychain into a portable tobacco pipe in a few …
 Out of Stock
$6.95 $6.00
Piece Pipe
Piece Pipe Coming all the way from Sweden, the Piece Pipe represents the most portable and discreet pipe we have ever seen. From super small size, durable design…
 Out of Stock
$44.95 $39.95

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