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Prometheus Pocket Pipe
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The Prometheus Pocket Pipe by PYP TEK has hit the ground running since its release and shows no signs of slowing down. In a crowded portable tobacco pipe market the Prometheus Pipe easily stands out with excellent build quality, super easy operation, and a sleek aluminum-wrapped glass design. You get all the benefits of a glass piece without the imminent danger of breaking it at any time.

Hand crafted in Colorado, you can see the care taken with each and every Prometheus Pipe. The glass bowl and all glass smoke path have shock resistant, medical grade silicon o-rings nestled between them and the aluminum shell, offering constant protection from any cracking or breaking due to accidental drops.

The entire Prometheus tobacco pipe comes apart to offer super easy cleaning of the glass parts as well as the screen. The screen is designed to fall right out, no more using random objects around the house to find the quickest way to remove the screen and possibly destroying it, simply unscrew the Prometheus Pocket Pipe's stem and the screen will easily fall right out. You can even turn the Prometheus Pipe into a portable oil vaporizer with the Prometheus Pocket oil kit!

The Prometheus Pocket is just as it sounds, a scaled down version of the Prometheus Titan, giving you everything you love about Prometheus Pipes in a small portable package.


- Prometheus Pocket Pipe

- 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder

- Mini Amber Glass Storage Jar

- 3 Replacement Screens

- 3 O-Rings


The Prometheus Pocket is made of anodized aluminum with glass parts.

Genuine Prometheus Pipe Parts and Accessories:

Prometheus Pocket Oil Kit

Replacement Glass Set


Direct Inhalation



Made in the USA

Additional Information:

For use with tobacco and/or legal herbal smoking blends only.

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Prometheus Pipe

  David G - Jun 08 2015, 17:48 PM

"I did the research on this pipe, all other reviews spot on. Amazing product. Very well made! EZVapes is an amazing company to deal with. Customer servise at it's best!!!"

Pyptek prometheus pocket pipe

  Anonymous - Apr 14 2015, 18:08 PM

"Very nice pipe! Smokes beautifully and really is indestructible! Well worth the price! Made in U.S. with top notch attention to detail! As long as you don\'t lose it, it should be around for years to come!The free mini grinder and stash jar were nice too! Thanks ezvapes for the lowest price I could find online and the no nonsense easy ordering and free fast shipping!"

Great pipe

  Smokey - Mar 22 2015, 09:29 AM

"Pipe arrived very quickly only about 2 days it was quite a suprize to me, got her packed up and took some rips, amazing! So smooth compared to a lot of other hand pipes even smoother then my helix pipe, the screens a really nice touch to keep Scooby snacks outta your mouth it also came with about 3 extra screens, extra o rings, and a sav a bowl cover all in all a great buy, if your think about it go for it, I waited about a month to order and wish I would've got it sooner"


  Anonymous - Mar 17 2015, 16:34 PM

"I found this piece to be of exceptional quality, and I am very pleased with this piece. No more broken glass pieces, and a piece I am sure to have around for what is hopefully a long time. Thanx EZVAPES! Excellent customer service as well!!"


  Anonymous - Mar 03 2015, 17:55 PM

"We are very much satisfied with our purchase. Would definitely recommend the product to others especially anything made in the USA. I'm even considering buying the one for breast cancer for a relative. Think they would love it."

One of the Best Hand Pipes Ever

  Anonymous - Feb 16 2015, 14:09 PM

"I do not generally post reviews. For anything. Ever. But this pipe is so remarkable that I felt compelled to write and let you know how much I love this thing. All the other positive reviews are correct (exceedingly high quality materials, craftsmanship, design, durability, functionality, etc.) and I can see nothing negative to say except that its expensive. At least you get what you pay for. I expect I will be enjoying this piece for many years to come. Thank you, PypTek & EZVapes!"

Great Little Pipe

  Anonymous - Jan 17 2015, 23:59 PM

"Easy to clean, durable if dropped, and hits nicely. Would recommend."

New favorite piece

  Clumsy near Detroit - Jan 12 2015, 12:52 PM

"This is my first Prometheus piece. I first saw it online in a picture and just had to have it. Same day I went home and searched online till it was found. Usually I'm reluctant to spend money on items of the such because I have a nasty habit of placing on my lap and forgetting it's there when I stand up. Went through 7 pieces in 6 months in 2014 - very sad year for me (haha) After reading the info and some of the reviews I took a chance and bought it. The very first time I used my Prometheus Pocket Pipe I was in love! Everything from bowl size to durability (yes, I've already dropped it accidentally :-( ) (I suck, I know). It has a smooth draw yet packs a powerful punch. Thank you EZVapes for making this easy to find and providing superior customer service!"

Great job, guys

  Bruce - Jan 11 2015, 09:46 AM

"Was really impressed with everything about this place. Best price on products, but the service put them over the top. They called me to let me know there was a problem but made I everything happen in time for Xmas. Great job, guys"


  Jonathan Martin - Dec 31 2014, 21:42 PM

"By far one of the best peaces i have ever bought....i will be buying me the titian depending on if i can find a low enough price"

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