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Our collection of stealth smoking pipes are your key to smoking your favorite herbs with the utmost discretion. This category of stealth smoke pipes includes anything and everything from the classic wood Monkey Pipe to the Bud Bomb an all metal smoke pipe that exudes the definition of portability and discretion. Inconsipicuously smoking your favorite herbs on the go has never been so simple thanks to these premium quality pocket pipes.

7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt
7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Special Deal: Order now and as an added bonus receive a Mini Glass Amber Storage Jar for FREE! The 7Pipe Twisty Glass B…
$49.95 $47.00
Journey 4 Pipe
Journey 4 Pipe The Journey 4 Pipe is the newest version of the ever so popular Journey Pipe series that is well known for offering a convenient and discreet smoking …
$49.95 $44.00
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Saxophone Pipe
Saxophone Pipe The Saxophone Pipe is a slim and discreet novelty smoking pipe that was designed to resemble a miniature saxophone, perfect for the musically inclined…
 Out of Stock
$9.95 $6.45
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Journey 3 Pipe
Journey 3 Pipe The Journey Pipe 3 is a unique hand pipe known and loved around the world. Like its predecessors the J3 features durable zinc alloy design a…
 Out of Stock
$49.99 $44.00
Original Proto Pipe Deluxe
Original Proto Pipe Deluxe The Original Proto Pipe Deluxe is a tried-and-true smoking device that has been one of the most sought after pipes on the market since the 1960's.…
 Out of Stock
$79.95 $77.00
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RYOT Wooden Glass Bowl Taster Bat
RYOT Wooden Glass Bowl Taster Bat The RYOT Large Wood Taster with Glass Bowl in Walnut is a newly designed wooden taster bat from RYOT that now comes equipped with a Pyrex glass b…
$14.95 $10.35
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Monkey Pipe
Monkey Pipe Monkey Pipe Special Deal: Order now and receive 5 premium pipe screens at no cost! These American made pipe filters are perfectly sized for the M…
Oregon Trail Pipe
Oregon Trail Pipe Oregon Trail Special Deal: Order today and receive 5 pipe screens at no further cost. These premium pipe filters feature a stainless steel constructio…
$19.95 $13.00
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Spark Plug Pipe
Spark Plug Pipe The Spark Plug Pipe is the ultimate smoking device for stealth smoking on the go. This novelty pipe is designed to genuinely look like a spark plug, …
$14.95 $13.88
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Bud Bomb Pipe
Bud Bomb Pipe The Bud Bomb Pipe is an indestructible all stainless steel pipe that delivers a quick, simple and smooth smoking experience. Inside the Bud Bomb is a …
$49.95 $45.00
Fisherman's Friend Pipe
Fisherman's Friend Pipe Fishermans Friend Pipe Special Deal: Buy now and receive 5 pipe screens for FREE. These American made pipe filters are constructed from a US sourced s…
$24.95 $23.00
RYOT Digger Taster Bat 3 Inch
RYOT Digger Taster Bat 3 Inch The RYOT Digger Taster Bat 3 Inch is a premium one hitter designed with the solid colored mouthpiece to resemble the look of a real cigarette for ulti…
$3.99 $3.50
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RYOT Wooden Digger Taster Bat 3 Inch
RYOT Wooden Digger Taster Bat 3 Inch The RYOT Wooden Digger Taster Bat 3 Inch is the official one hitter bat from RYOT that offers enhanced functionality and aestheticcs to trul…
$7.95 $6.75
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Click Pipe
Click Pipe The Click Pipe is one of the smallest pipes you have ever seen with its ability to fold together magnetically, clicking into place and forming a small…
 Out of Stock
$19.99 $9.00
Mini Maze Pipe Keychain
Mini Maze Pipe Keychain This small pipe features an inner maze smoke path designed to provide a smooth cooled pull from a small compact pipe. Unscrew the tip of the pipe to l…
$7.95 $6.00
Piece Pipe
Piece Pipe Coming all the way from Sweden, the Piece Pipe represents the most portable and discreet pipe we have ever seen. From super small size, durable design…
 Out of Stock
$44.95 $39.95
Mushroom Pipe Colored
Mushroom Pipe Colored The mushroom pipe is a small convertible smoking device that can transform from an innocent mushroom keychain into a portable tobacco pipe in a few …
 Out of Stock
$6.95 $6.00

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