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Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout
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The Universal 2 Sided Dugout by Tactical Hit Company made right here in the US is a down right powerhouse when it comes to dugouts. Forget the standard wood finish you may be used to seeing and replace that with Tactical's aircraft grade anodized aluminum casing, as well as anodized aluminum turn tops on both the top and bottom of the dugout.

Twist the top to reveal a spring loaded super tough spring loaded three hitter stainless steel bat with jagged edges to help grind your material before use and also pick up anything sticking to the bottom as well as a storage space for material. Twist the bottom to reveal a cleaning tool and an additional storage area. Both twist tops are 100% adjustable. Meaning you can adjust the tension using the supplied adjusting wrench to make the top or bottom swing open with ease or give resistance when opening and everything in between.

Tactical One Hit Company took a simple idea in the classic smoking dugout and took it to the next level.


~1.75in/44mm x ~0.5in/13mm x ~3.5in/89mm


- Universal 2 Sided Dugout

- Stainless Steel Two Hitter Bat with Jagged Edge

- Stainless Steel Poker

- All Purpose Adjusting Wrench

Looking for something smaller? The Tactical Hit Company Universal Dugout is also available in a mini size.

Additional Information:

For use with legal smoking blends only.

Brand: Tactical Hit Co.

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Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

Tactical hit company two sided dugout

  Andrew - Jul 12 2015, 23:27 PM

"Very high quality dugout! Although its steel its thin enough and light enough to carry around without being conspicuous. The milling is mint! The only draw back I find isn't in the product itself but I would love it if the T.H.C. Glass bat was available to purchase separately so I could replace the steel one!"

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

Best dugout in 20years

  Anonymous - Jul 11 2015, 18:25 PM

"This dugout rocks! Two places to store stash and a poker. The grinder hitter is the best I've ever hit out of. One load will do the trick instead of several from the smaller wooden versions. And the bottom where you place your lips doesn't get hot. Easy to clean. Super clever. Love it. I will be getting another for my husband. Hope the silver one is in stock then."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

T.H.C 2 sided dugout

  Owen - Mar 15 2015, 20:51 PM

"Awesome product. Have been using it around 2 weeks now and it is hands down the best dugout style piece I've ever purchased. Very well designed. Extremely well made. Built to last basically forever. As a side note..EZ Vapes handled my credit card issue very kindly, I forget who the guy was I talked to on the phone he was cool and very helpful with the transaction. Will be doing business again. Hope this helps y'all."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

tactical 2 sided dugout

  Jeffrey Anderson - Jan 20 2015, 02:54 AM

"great product , very solid , and this thing is awesome!! this is the one that is made to last !! storage space is really good size and with 2 places to store , and a cleaning tool all in 1 place !!"

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout


  Anonymous - Dec 28 2014, 15:55 PM

"Rock solid product. This is by far the best dugout I\'ve ever used. It is replacing my current \'to-go\' kit, a glass pipe, a storage jar or two, a poker, and sometimes a grinder in a bag that is easily as big as 10 of these dugouts. The only thing I would change is the bat. The bat is one of the best ever, I just wish there was an option for titanium. Stainless is heavy, and this one is solid. I understand the design, It\'s build to help prevent heat build up, but titanium would be a big improvement. Don\'t let that stop you from buying it though. If you want a dugout, you want this dugout."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

the best

  Anonymous - Dec 19 2014, 12:57 PM


Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

T.h.c. Dugout

  Joe from IA. - Nov 13 2014, 15:27 PM

"Love it its a game changer"

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

Tactical Hit 2 sided dugout

  maxislv - Aug 13 2014, 21:20 PM

"This is a great price for a terrific product. It is very well constructed. The feel is sturdy and strong. The spring action for the extraction of the bat and the poker is quick smooth. I like the emblem on the side which shows the end housing the bat. The machining on the dugouts and the holes for the bat and poker are smooth and straight. The end doors rotate nicely to allow quick release of the bat and poker. The included adjusting wrench hasn't been necessary yet. If I keep it in the included green bag, I imagine it will be easy to locate if it is needed. All in all, I would recommend this to anybody."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

my favorite - old faithful

  Jack Shen - Jul 17 2014, 06:13 AM

"I've bought one of every dug out THC makes. This one is old faithful, and gets used the most by me. a constant companion over the last 2 years of late night contract programming. Dropped, tossed in bags, lived in my pocket. this is the only brand of dugout I have owned over the last 20 yrs of smoking that hasn't fallen apart, or gotten lost. the hitter is easy to clean, especially with the included poker. And it'll take a torch to get it hot enough to burn you. if you want a standard sized dugout out, this is the only choice IMHO. it may be a bit steep in price for a dugout, but you'll never have to get another one, unless you lose this somehow."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal 2 Sided Dugout

Tactical Hit Co

  Viktor - Oct 19 2013, 19:22 PM

"Just purchase this dugout (Tactical Hit Co) few days ago and i absolutely love it. The bat u can get 2-3 good pulls. Real big stash storage. And the poker is great a heavy duty one it don't bend like other pokers i have. And also a mini storage in the bottom and is very useful as well. Also great service and fast delivery. Recommend this product 100%"

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