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Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini
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The Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini is a step forward in how you smoke on the go. Don't bother messing around with the old standard wooden dugouts of the past, these heavy duty anodized aircraft aluminum dugouts have everything you need and more for a quick and efficient smoking experience.

This mini dugout has a twist top, with the top storing the spring loaded three hitter stainless steel bat and storage area for material. The top twist top can be adjusted using the included adjusting wrench to make the twist top easy or hard to twist open depending on your preference. This is the only dugout out there with this feature.

The stainless steel bat even has jagged edges on the tip to help grind up and collect your material without the need for a grinder, making it super easy to use out of the house without having to carry much else with you. When looking for a new and convenient dugout, look no further than American made Tactical One Hit Company.


~1.75in/44mm x ~0.5in/12mm x ~2.75in/70mm


- Universal Dugout Mini

- Stainless Steel Two Hitter Bat with Jagged Edge

- All Purpose Adjusting Wrench

Looking for something larger? The Tactical One Hit Universal Dugout is also available in a larger size.

Additional Information:

For use with legal smoking blends only.

Brand: Tactical Hit Co.

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Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

Dugout review

  Mika - Mar 11 2017, 07:34 AM

"These last FOREVER. made with good quality and perfect storage"

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

best mini ever!

  Jack Shen - Jul 17 2014, 06:08 AM

"these are the ONLY mini dugouts that I or the wife will use. Most have nil storage capacity, and have cheap one hitters that will burn your lips. This guy has none of the above problems. This can store about 14 grams of ground material. And the hitter takes a good bit or heating to get hot enough to burn your lips. think about the thickness and type of steel a socket from a socket wrench set is. That's about the weight and heft of the 3 hitter. The wife treasures her mini. She manages to lose everything like this, but has held onto and used this mini daily for the last 2 years."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

Surpassed my expectations

  Steve F - Jul 14 2014, 08:35 AM

"This dugout is heavy and feels very substantial in your hands, using it is easy, and it feels good to know that it'll last until the Earth reclaims it. I also like how compact and discreet it is. It can hide in plain site, while being just as internally functional as it's wooden competitors. I wish this was around sooner... I could have saved a boatload of cash by just buying this from the get-go."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

Great product

  MT7 - May 02 2014, 08:05 AM

"I have both the mini and the lockable dugout from THC; both are very high quality products! The mini is small enough to completely conceal in your hand and is really a very stealthy thing. Though it is small, I was still able to pack nearly 5 grams into it , making it the perfect weekend companion! Definitely reccomended for people who want to have enough with them!"

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini


  Anonymous C - Jan 09 2014, 08:08 AM

"This thing is amazing. Mini? OMG, the stash compartment in this thing is easily twice the size of my good ole woodie one. Heavy! But in a good way. Feels substantial in the hand. Opens with one flick of the thumb. At first the wrench thinie that comes in its own separate plastic baggie confused me -- I thought it was for both securing the lid *and* cleaning out the stick, so I was disappointed that there was no special compartment or whatever for it on the piece itself. But no! There's a separate, thicker poker that *does* have it's own handy, hidden compartment!! You need to take the pipe out first, and then the lid will spin a little farther and then BOING!!! What appears to be a metal toothpick springs up into your face. Careful, the first time it almost took my eye out! Very cool, very convenient. I can't say more cause I haven't used it yet -- am gonna keep it pristine until I figure out what to engrave on it. This is definitely gonna be a keepsake for me and now I know what I'm giving all the smokers on my Xmas/B'day lists this year! Thank you!! Well done, Tactical Hit Company. "

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

The mini

  Rob - Nov 15 2013, 12:47 PM

"The mini made by THC-Made to last a lifetime,built like a Mack truck,nothing on the market even comes close to it.Nice job well done!"

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

Great product

  Anonymous - Nov 13 2013, 13:01 PM

"I read all about this product and finally decided I had to buy it. It works great and is discreet as hell. The only con is the metal can get a little hot around my lips at times. Besides that, great product."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

The Ultimate Dugout

  Anonymous - Feb 20 2013, 09:33 AM

"This is pretty much the perfected evolution of the dugout. The unit is attractive and well built. The bat is actually really beefy, and is easily able to tear up smokeable material. It is closer to a mini-pipe as it holds about 2-4 hits rather than the standard 1-2 of a normal one hitter. The spikes on the bat work excellently. The smoking hole is larger than a normal bat, and while I have used the included beefy poker, the increased diameter means far less clogging. The storage compartment is also larger than a standard wooden mini-dugouts. Dimensions wise, the product is smaller than a wooden mini-dugout, despite having a much more significant one hitter and larger storage compartment. I rate the product 5/5, because this is one dugout package I can trust to not leave me in a situation where I am stuck with a useless overly clogged one hitter without a poker or q-tip in sight. I would say the only con is it is rather hefty, weighing about twice as much as a standard mini-dugout, but it's nothing I can't live with, and the beauty and uniqueness of the unit more than makes up for it."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini


  Ian - Oct 16 2012, 07:36 AM

"I had a friend refer me to this product a few months back. I was skeptical as I already had a wooden version and didn't think a metal version was that much better....boy was I wrong! This thing is AWESOME!!!! There is zero smell through the dugout, the bat is solid and the poker feature is fantastic! I've found myself using both sides of the dugout to carry different types/flavors and have never been happier. Buying from this company has been very easy! I've already recommended this product to 5 other friends."

Tactical Hit Co. Universal Dugout Mini

last mini dugout I'll ever need

  Jack - Sep 08 2012, 17:38 PM

"this thing is like the roles royce of dugouts."

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