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Atmos A-Pen
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The Atmos A-Pen vaporizer doesn't look much like a vaporizer at all. In fact, most would actually mistake it for a pen like the name suggests. The A-Pen portable vaporizer works perfectly with e-juice, allowing quick loading and use to go with its small portable size. The Atmos A-Pen has a lithium ion rechargeable battery, so you don't need to carry any butane refills or a lighter to quickly vaporize on the go.

The top of the A-Pen has a pen clip cover that makes carrying the A-Pen vape around with you incredibly easy and convenient. The tanks are also completely removable and refillable, making it so the A-Pen is all you have to invest in, instead of numerous replacement parts. sells only genuine Atmos products.


- Atmos A-Pen Kit (510 Threading)

- Clip-On Top

- Mouthpiece

- Tank Cover

- Tank Cartridge

- Wired USB Charger

- Wall Adapter

- Filling Bottle

- Hardcover Carrying Case


Portable, Direct Inhalation


Under 1 lb


Atmos RX

Manufacturer's Warranty:

30 day warranty on manufacturer defects with a 12 month replacement program.

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Atmos - A Pen

  Dan S. - Jun 13 2014, 10:58 AM

"The pen was designed to be used with oil based substances. The optional dry cartridge appears to be a modification. It works in small quantities, but it burns the herb at high temperatures rather than vaporize it. This is OK for infrequent, surreptitious use, but not good in the long run if you use a true vaporizer for health reasons."


  will the-pirate hinds - Oct 03 2013, 10:42 AM

"i had a chance to try my buddies and i fell in love with it. its a nice and handy device"

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