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The VaporBLUNT vaporizer showed us that portable vaporizing can not only be accomplished fast with its heat up time coming in at less than a minute, but also that it can be incredibly easy with the whole vaporizer being operated by one simple button. Now with the release of the brand new, they have an even smaller portable vaporizing option available that is just as easy to use and heats up instantly.

VaporBLUNT/Palm Flavored Tip Mouthpiece
VaporBLUNT/Palm Flavored Tip Mouthpiece The flavor tip accessory takes your VaporBLUNT, VB2.0, or Palm Vaporizer experience to the next level. Each flavor tip is made with patented, FDA appr…
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VaporBLUNT Cleaning Brush
VaporBLUNT Cleaning Brush This handy little brush is perfect for cleaning out the blend chamber of your VaporBLUNT. Replace your old one or having an extra around can never hur…
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