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Iolite Parts

The Iolite portable vaporizer is, and has been, one of the most popular portable vaporizers available today. From its small compact size to its incredible ease of use, it delivers on all fronts. Below are replacement parts and accessories for your Iolite vaporizer.

Iolite Mouthpiece Extension
Iolite Mouthpiece Extension Enhance the experience with your Iolite portable vaporizer with the Iolite Mouthpiece Extension. This metal threaded mouthpiece extension will give yo…
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Iolite Herb Chamber
Iolite Herb Chamber The Iolite Herb Chamber is easily pulled in and out of the Iolite portable vaporizer. Buying an extra can afford you the convenience of having one to …
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Iolite Replacement Screens (3 Pack)
Iolite Replacement Screens (3 Pack) This 3 pack of Iolite Replacement Screens comes with everything to replace the screens in your Iolite portable vaporizer. Changing the screens on a re…
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Iolite Accessory Pack
Iolite Accessory Pack This accessory pack has everything you'll need to keep your Iolite portable vaporizer as fresh as the day you got it. It comes complete with a mou…
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Iolite Optimizer
Iolite Optimizer The Iolite Optimizer works for both the Iolite and the Wispr vaporizer. This 3 prong attachment inserts right into the herb chamber, allowing both vap…
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Iolite Original
Iolite Original The Iolite Original is new and has improved everything you loved about the first Iolite, but with improved design and efficiency. The Iolite is a smal…
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