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Vapman Parts

The Vapman might be one of the best kept secrets in portable vaporizing. Its small design should not be mistaken for lack of power, because the Vapman is one of the most efficient and hard hitting portable vaporizers available. Below are several parts and accessories for the Vapman to get you started.

Vapman The Vapman (Mica Version) is a super portable vaporizer hand made in Switzerland. Like a Swiss watch, the Vapman showcases refined design and close at…
Magic Flight Launch Box Personal Whip
Magic Flight Launch Box Personal Whip The Magic Flight Launch Box whip tubing is the sure way to make your experience with the Magic Flight significantly smoother. It has a short stem on e…
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Magic Flight Launch Box Party Whip Tubing
Magic Flight Launch Box Party Whip Tubing Maybe you've tried the Magic Flight Launch Box's standard and desktop whips and you are left unimpressed. Well do we have something for you th…
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Magic Flight Desktop Whip Tubing
Magic Flight Desktop Whip Tubing If the Magic Flight whip tubing didn't quite do it for you why not add the brand new desktop whip tubing? The desktop whip tubing is referring to …
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VOD Light Pocket Torch
VOD Light Pocket Torch The VOD pocket torch is an upgrade over the Ultra Light Pocket Torch, having a substantially larger butane reservoir. This is one of the biggest butan…
Vapman Wooden Mouthpiece
Vapman Wooden Mouthpiece One sure way to enhance your Vapman experience is with these new beautiful wooden mouthpieces. Each mouthpiece has a nice wooden finish and comes in t…
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Vapman Standard Mouthpiece
Vapman Standard Mouthpiece If you're looking for a replacement mouthpiece for your Vapman portable vaporizer, then this official mouthpiece is perfect. Choose from the stand…
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