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VaporBLUNT Parts

The VaporBLUNT is one of the newest and most exciting portable vaporizers available today. The Vapor BLUNT offers hand held vaporizing perfection at a reaosnable price and is extremely easy to use. Below you will find everything you need to keep your VaporBLUNT working like new.

Baker Vaporizer
Baker Vaporizer The Baker vaporizer by our good friends at VaporBLUNT is completely changing everything you've come to know about table top vaporizers. This super…
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Pinnacle Pro
Pinnacle Pro The Pinnacle Pro newest version now comes with glass screen housing and vapor tube in the PonG adapter! The Pinnacle quickly became one of the most p…
Vapor BLUNT 2.0
Vapor BLUNT 2.0 The Vapor BLUNT 2.0 brings us portable vaporizing technology that has taken yet another leap forward. Listening to your demands for added versatility …
Pinnacle The Pinnacle vaporizer by VaporBLUNT is an ultra portable, easy to use, and super efficient dry herb vaporizer, making it a great vape for first time …
Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set
Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set The Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set takes the ultra portable Pinnacle Pro vaporizer, adds in the Micro Shower water filtration tool for su…
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Vapor BLUNT Water Tool Attachment
Vapor BLUNT Water Tool Attachment The Water Tool Attachment comes from the California company VaporBLUNT to fit perfectly with your original Vapor BLUNT or Vapor BLUNT 2.0 vaporizer. A…
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VaporBLUNT 2.0 Wall Charger
VaporBLUNT 2.0 Wall Charger Keep your VB 2.0 fully charged with this official replacement wall charger from VaporBLUNT. This is the exact same charger that comes packaged with th…
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VaporBLUNT 2 Stir Knob
VaporBLUNT 2 Stir Knob The VaporBLUNT 2 Stir Knob is the official replacement cap for the VB2 vaporizer. This cap is used when vaping dry herbs to keep your material in and …
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VaporBLUNT/Palm Flavored Tip Mouthpiece
VaporBLUNT/Palm Flavored Tip Mouthpiece The flavor tip accessory takes your VaporBLUNT, VB2.0, or Palm Vaporizer experience to the next level. Each flavor tip is made with patented, FDA appr…
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VaporBLUNT Wall Charger
VaporBLUNT Wall Charger The VaporBLUNT wall charger is a replacement for your original that comes with the VaporBLUNT. This charger is the official charger from VaporBLUNT. …
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Palm Vaporizer Sports Case
Palm Vaporizer Sports Case The Palm Vaporizer is still very new in the world of portable vaporizing, however, it has quickly become a customer favorite thanks to its incredibly …
VaporBLUNT Battery
VaporBLUNT Battery The VaporBLUNT replacement battery is perfect for anyone who has lost or broken their original VaporBLUNT battery. You can even buy an additional batt…
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VaporBLUNT Replacement Screen
VaporBLUNT Replacement Screen The VaporBLUNT replacement screen is great for those who need either a complete replacement or just want an additional to use while they are cleaning …
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VaporBLUNT Cleaning Brush
VaporBLUNT Cleaning Brush This handy little brush is perfect for cleaning out the herb chamber of your VaporBLUNT. Replace your old one or having an extra around can never hurt…
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Vapor BLUNT 2.0 Replacement Screen Pack
Vapor BLUNT 2.0 Replacement Screen Pack Not a fan of cleaning screens? Don't worry, instead of cleaning your VaporBLUNT 2.0 screens you can easily replace them with this 2 pack. Since th…
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VaporBLUNT/Palm Standard Mouthpieces
VaporBLUNT/Palm Standard Mouthpieces This pack of 4 standard mouthpieces fits any VaporBLUNT vaporizer including the VaporBLUNT, VB2, Palm and Palm2 vaporizer. The non-toxic plastic mouth…
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VaporBLUNT PonG Adapter 18mm
VaporBLUNT PonG Adapter 18mm Attach your VaporBLUNT 2.0 to your 18mm water tool with this tapered Pong Adapter. This kit includes an adapter for both dry herbs and concentrates, s…
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