7 x 7 Dual Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box
7 x 7 Dual Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box
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Brand: RYOT

7 x 7 Dual Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box

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7 x 7 Dual Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box

The 7 x 7 Double Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box is an innovative aroma sifting tool that utilizes two different mesh size screens to create separate sift qualities.

Constructed from a high quality wood with a beautiful natural wood tone finish, the RYOT 7x7 Sifting Box is truly built to last and offers the aesthetics many others simply cannot match.

RYOT's Double Screen Sifting Boxes include four total layers that collectively create three storage compartments. Each layer of the RYOT Natural Dual Screen Sifting Box is held securely in place by a set of strong magnets that are carefully placed and inspected to ensure a perfect fit.

Within this box you will find two different sized monofilament sifting screens. Each screen will only allow a fine quality of pollen to pass through to the next section. This ultimately results in two distinct qualities of pollen with the finest accumulating in the bottom compartment.

This bottom compartment features a black lucite collection tray that will contrast to the material captured inside, allowing you to quickly get a clear view over exactly how much material you have collected with just a simple glance.

RYOT includes everything you need to begin filtering pollen from your favorite aroma blends right out of the box including a helpful scrape card and storage divider that allows you to sift two different aroma blends without allowing them to mix.


- 7 x 7 Double Screen Natural RYOT Sifting Box

- RYOT Scrape Card

- Storage Divider

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