Envy Glass Mini Pop Rock Puck Banger Hanger 7 Inch
Envy Glass Mini Pop Rock Puck Banger Hanger 7 Inch
Item ID: 6295    Brand: Envy Glass

Envy Glass Mini Pop Rock Puck Banger Hanger 7 Inch

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Glass water pipe with a unique "pop rock puck" design in the center that diffuses and cools for a great smoking experience with waxy oils and concentrates.
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The Envy Glass Mini Pop Rock Puck Banger Hanger 7 Inch is small portable water pipe banger with a unique design that helps it deliver incredibly smooth pulls with ease with waxy oils and concentrates.

Made right here in the USA, Envy Glass put their heads together to get the Mini Pop Rock Banger Hanger just right. Starting with the build, they went with super durable borosilicate schott glass that is not going to break or chip easily like some other pieces. The wide base on the bottom also makes it so it isn't easy to knock over, you'd actually have to be trying to for it knock over.

The star of the show and where it gets its name is the pop rock puck in the center. It helps diffuse and percolate the smoke while also cooling it down significantly so when you pull you get a smooth smoking experience every time. The down stem is fixed, which is going to stop any breaking easily, that leads to the 14mm banger. It's conveniently angled so it is as far from your face as possible when you are heating it up and you avoid that "I just opened the oven door" feeling.

The Envy Pop Rock Puck Banger also has thick tubing leading to a mouthpiece that comes in one of five colors that also matches the color of the pop rock puck for a little extra style. Personally, I'm going with Ket Black, but all the colors have a great look and you'll be sure to find one that fits your style.

Envy Glass has some great pieces, but the combination of the unique puck design and its small portable size makes it a front runner for one of their best.

  • Height: 7"
  • Width: 4"

  • 1 x Envy Glass Mini Pop Rock Puck Banger Hanger 7 Inch
  • 1 x 14mm Male 90° Banger

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