Grav Arcline Upright Bubbler 5.5 Inch
Grav Arcline Upright Bubbler 5.5 Inch
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Grav Arcline Upright Bubbler 5.5 Inch

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Grav Arcline Upright Bubbler 5.5 Inch

The GRAV Arcline Upright Bubbler 5.5 Inch is an absolutely draw dropping piece, which is saying a lot considering it comes from Grav. If you have some dry/flower material that needs some burning, this is 100% a piece you need.

One of the first things you will notice is the beautiful design that was inspired by Tuscan columns from ancient Italy. Designer Stephan Peirce had an inspiration and he ran with it and the end result created the stunning Arcline series. Most pieces are just thrown together and they hope for the best, this is definitely not the case when you are dealing with Grav.

One of the most important things in any glass piece is durability. What is the point on dropping the coin if you are going to have to do it in another year? Well, the Grav Arcline Upright Bubbler is made of a strong borosilicate glass that is definitely not going to crack or break easily. The tubing is a thick 28mm and the fission downstem is fixed, so while most importantly it diffuses and cools your smoke, it is also an extra measure to maintain the durability of your piece.

Both the top Arcline bowl and the tubing leading to the mouthpiece are shaped after the design of Tuscan columns from ancient Italy, giving them a unique and stunning look. On that tubing leading to the mouthpiece you also can see a beautifully flame brandished Grav logo that you can display loud and proud.

The Grav Arcline series is truly one of their best, right up there with their Sips series. Any one you choose will be the right choice and that most definitely includes the Arcline Upright Bubbler.

Dimensions: 5.5" Tall

  • 1 x Grav Arcline Upright Bubbler 5.5 Inch

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