RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller
RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller
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RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller

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Rolls both slim and regular 79mm or 110mm single wide rolling papers in seconds.
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The RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller is an innovative little portable rolling machine that will roll both slim and regular width papers with the utmost ease.

Rolling machines can be a fickle beast. They are often known to break within a month or two of use, even when you are taking exceptional care of it. When it comes to RAW, you know this won't be the case. They have built their brand name to the top of this industry and for good reason, the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is going to be by your side for life. When you put care into your design and use materials you know you can trust, you just get a better product.

Made using a German hemp plastic especially made for these rollers, RAW employs an environment friendly cold injection process. This ensures the product is not only sturdy and will last a long time, but the use of recycled materials is an eco-friendly as you can get.

Not stopping with just making the frame durable, the rolling aprons both use a double thick vinyl with a very high tensile strength, so even if you are a little too rough with it you won't have to worry about them snapping.

Perhaps the best feature of all is the small switch on the side of the Hemp 2-Way Rolling Machine. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between either slim or regular sized widths by the flick of a switch. No more having to have multiple rolling machines for different papers.

Whatever type of paper you use, whether you need to bring it with you or just use it at home, the RAW Two-Way Hemp Plastic Roller is going to get the job done.

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