RYOT Lock-R-Box 11x10
RYOT Lock-R-Box 11x10
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Brand: RYOT

RYOT Lock-R-Box 11x10

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Premium walnut wood sifting box with 3 storage jars, an accessory tray, lock and key, and rolling tray.
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RYOT Lock-R-Box 11x10

The RYOT Lock-R-Box 11x10 is a premium sifting box packed with everything you could possibly need when it comes to any sort of storage or rolling needs.

On the outside you have a beautiful walnut wood with smooth finish. There's the classic RYOT "R" logo branded on the front corner and lining the edge near the top is an elegant gold trim. Lastly, on the face of the sifting box you will find a keyhole with included rustic metal, classic looking key so no one can get to your goodies.

When you get to the inside though, that's where the RYOT Locker Box really shows its worth. Right in top is the easy roll scoop walled rolling tray, that's right, a rolling tray, that can be taken out at any time to roll wherever you may need to. To make things even more convenient, that tray has a RYOT Prep Card scraping tool so you can scrape up all your material and leave none behind.

Going down even further we reach a removable accessories box with an adjustable divider to keep everything nice and neat. Right in front of that are three, count them, three glass storage jars with beech wood caps that match the style of the box as well as their own accessory box with two adjustable dividers in case you want to swap a jar out for something else. 

Adding to its versatility, you can even make this box a humidor, simply throw in a humidity pack of your choosing and your sifting box is now also a humidor. Anything you can think of, it's here. RYOT took time and care to produce this box and the final product reflects that.

Dimensions: 11" x 10"

  • 1 x RYOT LOCK-R-Box 11x10
  • 1 x Easy Roll Scoop Walled Rolling Tray
  • 1 x Removable Accessories Box with 1 Adjustable Divider
  • 1 x Removable Interior Box with 2 Adjustable Dividers
  • 3 x Glass Jars with Beech Wood Top
  • 1 x RYOT Prep Card
  • 1 x Metal Lock and Key

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