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710 Kan

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The 710 Kan is a perfect blend of titanium nail oil vaping with a fresh new portable design. Made from only the best materials, this portable oil vape system is durable and rugged.

No batteries to charge and no glass to worry about breaking, the titanium nail sits in a polycarbonate dome housing which can hold everything you need to vape at home or on the go. When you are ready to use the Kan just heat up the nail, place the dome over the base and slide your dabber in through the window to dab on the nail. A tiny slit in the corner of the can is used as a mouthpiece to take in full puffs of quality titanium nail oil vapor.

As the company states, the 710 ("OIL" upside down) Kan is not intended to take the place of your current glass vaporizer but rather offer a more portable option when traveling. We know you love your glass and this will help it stick around longer.

The 710 Kan's nail base is available in Black, Blue or Silver.


- Mouthpiece Dome

- Nail

- Nail Base

- Dabber

- Dabber Stand

- User Manual


The 710 Kan has a thick acrylic dome with a titanium nail.


Under 1 lb


HK Industries LLC

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