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Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set

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The Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set takes the ultra portable Pinnacle Pro vaporizer, adds in the Micro Shower water filtration tool for superior vapor quality, and combines them with a custom case designed specifically to discreetly store your vaporizer, water tool, an included 4 piece grinder and accessories safely while at home or on the go.

VaporBLUNT's Pinnacle Pro stands about 5 inches tall and is less than an inch wide or deep, making it one of the most portable and discreet vaporizers around. Not only is this pocket size vaporizer extremely easy to carry around, it can produce some of the purest vapor qualities and is easy to maintain and keep clean.

The Pinnacle Pro vape features 5 temperature settings which range from 370° F - 470° F in 25° increments, to efficiently vaporize dry aroma blends and concentrates to our liking. Use the mesh blend bullets to allow warm air to pass over blends at levels 1 - 3, and kick up the temp level to 4 or 5 to heat the Full Metal Jacket oils bullet when using concentrates.

Both baskets keep the material from coming into contact with the vaporizer's heating chamber and are easy to load and remove, which makes cleaning and upkeep almost non-existent. Cleaning the baskets is simple with the included tools, and replacing them is even easier while still being very affordable.

Pop on the PonG adapter and Micro Shower water filtration tool to enhance the quality of your vaporization experience. The Micro Shower tool adds about 6 inches onto the length of the Pinnacle Pro and is made from thick glass to lend it purity and durability.

Using the Micro Shower tool allows the vapors to pass through water which filters any debris that may have made it past the screen and cools them before taking them in, creating some of the purest vapors possible.

There are no lighters or butane to worry about with the Pinnacle Pro, because it is powered by a lithium ion battery which can easily be recharged to provide up to an hour of continuous use. Plug in and place your Pinnacle Pro in the charging stand to recharge its battery in any standard wall outlet.

When you're all done, pack the Pinnacle Pro away in the specially designed Deluxe Hard Shell Sports Case for safe keeping. The quick clip lock easily pops open when the time is right, so you don't have to break a sweat or your fingers opening this case.

Inside you'll find the shock absorbing foam, which has been custom cut to fit your new vaporizer and its accessories perfectly. There are precision cut areas for the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer, Micro Shower water tool, PonG adapter cap, 2 extra bullets, a 40mm grinder, and an extra space for any other accessories you may want to keep safe.

Made from a strong and durable plastic, the hard exterior of the case acts as an armor shield against unsuspected bumps or bangs. The thick rubber ring and quick clip lock make it fast and easy to create an airtight environment for your vaporizer and keep unwanted moisture and air out.

Its small 9 inch wide, 6 inch deep, and 2.5 inch tall dimensions allow you to store your Pinnacle Pro case away discreetly or carry it with you in your bag. Either way, you know your Pinnacle Pro vape and all of it's precious accessories will be safe inside the custom designed deluxe case. is an authorized VaporBLUNT dealer and sells only authentic VaporBLUNT products. This includes all vaporizers, parts, components, and accessories. works directly with VaporBLUNT and your warranty is 100% valid when you purchase from our website.


- 1 x Pinnacle Deluxe Hard Shell Sports Case with Custom Cut Foam Insert

- 1 x Pinnacle Micro Shower 14mm

- 1 x Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer

- 1 x 4 Piece Diamond Grind 40mm Grinder

- 1 x Chamber Cap

- 1 x PonG Adapter

- 2 x Dry Blend Filling Chambers

- 1 x Wax/Oil Filling Chamber

- 1 x Charger

- 1 x Cleaning Brush

- 1 x Wire Pipe Cleaner

- 1 x Bamboo Cleaning Stick

- 1 x Standard Mouthpiece

- 1 x Quick Start Guide


Made of a strong polycarbonate frame with a ceramic heating element and stainless steel chamber.


9" x 6" x 2.5"



Made in the USA

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The Pinnacle Pro has a 1 year limited product warranty which covers your vaporizer against defects in manufacturing, parts and labor. 90 day limited warranty on the battery.

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