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VapeXhale Cloud EVO SP

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The VapeXhale Cloud EVO takes the award winning Cloud design and improves on every aspect to deliver the most advanced dry blend vaporizer on the market. The completely "Evolved" design features a faster heat up time, light-weight body, all glass vapor path, and is backwards compatible with all VapeXhale Cloud parts and accessories.

Heating up the EVO is as simple as switching the power button on the front of the unit and setting the temperature using the analog dial. The top of the unit will glow red as it rises to vaporization temperature and turn green when it arrives to your preferred setting. The "PerpetuHeat" system promotes a consistent and thorough vaporization of your material no matter how hard or soft you might pull, assuring you get every bit out of it and that nothing goes to waste.

The EZ Load Bowls feature a mesh basket design that makes filling, emptying and cleaning the VapeXhale Cloud EVO quick and hassle free. Just load your ground material into the EZ Load Bowl, place the mesh screen cap on to keep your material inside, and drop into the top of the VapeXhale EVO's glass heating chamber.

VapeXhales's Cloud EVO utilizes a non-reactive all glass vapor path to help it produce the purest vapor, so you taste only your material and not the vaporizer. The combination of the advanced heater and pure glass path work together to deliver the thickest and most flavorful vapor puffs that can only be enhanced by the HydraCirc 2.0 water filtration upgrade.

The Cloud EVO can now quickly be converted into an essential oil vaporizer with the included VapeXNails, these glass quartz nails are easily attached to the top of the vaporizer where the EZ load bowl would normally be placed. This cutting-edge attachment makes the VapeXHale Cloud EVO one of, if not the most versatile vaporizer on the market today.


- VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer

- 2 x VapeXNails

- 2 EZ Load Bowls

- 1 Angled Glass Mouthpiece

- Warranty Card


Made of a strong aluminum frame with glass pieces.


VapeXhale Inc.

Made in the USA

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The VapeXhale has a 2 year limited product warranty which covers your vaporizer against defects in manufacturing, parts and labor.

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