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Atmos R2

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Atmos R2 newest version in stock and ready to ship,  featuring a revolutionary anodized heating chamber with an added bonus of an advanced ceramic heating disc.

The Atmos R2 is a next generation pen vaporizer with an advanced design intended to be used with dry blends and concentrates anywhere, anytime.

At first glance, you can immediately see that this is not your typical pen. It has several unique features that make it stand out amongst the mass of similar vapes, including an anodized heating chamber and new advanced battery design.

Not only does the heating chamber add a little flair to the design, but it is also intended to to provide 360 degrees of airflow to promote even vaporization and prevent clogging. The anodized heating chamber is designed to create a more vapor friendly heating environment while being easier to clean than traditional ceramic chambers.

On top of the pen you will find the chamber connector which houses the rubber mouthpiece for comfortable vaping, along with a ceramic filter, mesh screen, and the tension spring to keep your material perfectly packed when in use. This means your material stays where it should and doesn't end up in your mouth.

The heating chamber gets its power from the rechargeable lithium ion battery which has a unique shape, safety features, and a patented spring loaded connecter found only in authentic Atmos pens.

Charge up with the newly designed Atmos USB Charger by connecting to the R2 battery and plugging into any USB port, or use in conjunction with the wall adapter to keep your R2 vape pen fully charged and ready to go no matter where you are.

To use the R2, just remove the chamber cap and load in your dry blends or concentrates using theincluded packing tool. Press the button 5 times to unlock the vape for use, and you're ready to enjoy the Atmos R2 in just seconds, virtually anywhere!

The detailed and full-color user manual takes you through every step from unboxing to cleaning, taking all of the guess work out of using the Atmos R2.

Step into the future of vaporizer pens with the Atmos R2 for dry blends and concentrates. sells only genuine Atmos products.


- 1 x R2 Li-Ion Battery

- 1 x Anodized Heating Chamber

- 1 x Bonus Advanced Ceramic Heating Chamber

- 1 x Chamber Connector

- 1 x Mesh Filter and Spring

- 1 x Ceramic Filter

- 1 x Rubber Mouthpiece

- 1 x Packing Tool

- 1 x Wall Adapter

- 1 x USB Charger

- 1 x User Manual


The Atmos R2 has a sturdy aluminum build with an anodized heating element.


Under 1 lb


Atmos RX

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The R2 is covered by a limited 1 year warranty from manufaturer defects with a 5 year replacement program from AtmosRX. is an authorized Atmos seller.

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