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Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit

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Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit offers the price savvy customer 2 complete vape pen setups on the cheap without sacrificing quality for price. To start with, the EVOD clearomizers are top of the line bottom dual coil mounted setups which offer 2ml of e-liquid capacity. These tanks are specifically designed to collect and quickly wick every last drop of e-juice, without the bending and tipping top coil mounts will make you have to do just to finish off your tank.

What has changed with the second release of the EVOD starts with the removable drip tip. The removable tip is now made from a durable metal that can be removed for easy cleaning, yet the tank still offers a seamless leak resistant reservoir for less mess.

The second big change is the new dual coils which hit harder and faster with thick billowy clouds of vapor with every puff. The dual coils are of course 100% replaceable for fast an easy upkeep and this kit comes packed with 5 backups to keep you covered.

The EVOD batteries are made with top-of-the-line specifications in quality and of course are a perfectly flush fit to your Evod clearomizers once attached. They showcase the unique feature of a steady-state voltage setting of 3.7, meaning that from dawn ‘til dusk, regardless of battery life, you’re going to be getting the same solid heat output for the entire duration of all your sessions.

These rechargeable batteries offer overcharge protection and accidental discharge safety features as well. Press the button 5 times to unlock the battery for use and tap the button 5 more times to lock it. This will ensure that your vape does not heat up at the wrong time, like when your're walking with it in your pocket.

Included are two batteries, two clearomizers, a USB/AC charger, and an astounding 5 replacement coils. In other words, once you pick one of these kits up, you're going to be set to be vaping like a pro in no time. stocks only real genuine authentic brand name Kanger products. This includes all Kanger branded batteries, chargers, carts, atomizers, and accessories.

Note: Current set up is intended for e-liquids only. To vaporize other materials please refer to one of the compatible cartridges.


2 Complete Evod personal vaporizers consisting of the following parts

- 2 x EVOD Batteries (510 Threading)

- 2 x EVOD 2 Clearomizers

- 5 x Extra Dual Coil Atomizers (1.5ohm)

- 1 x USB charger

- 1 x AC Wall adapter

- Full Color user manual


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