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Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery

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The Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery is specially designed for compatibility with atomizers ranging from 0.3 to 1ohms. Being only about 22mm in diameter, the Aspire Sub Ohm is ideal for those looking to chase clouds in style using a familiar pen style set-up.

This powerful cutting edge battery has a 2000mAh capacity and a max output of 4.2V and 40A with a sleek carbon fiber exterior, which is what the "CF" stands for. Press the button 5 times to lock the battery when using and 5 more times to lock it when done. Locking it prevents accidental discharge when in your pocket or purse. The button will flash orange and blue 3 times when turned on or off.

The Aspire features overcharge and low voltage protection. The button illuminates blue when vaping and turns orange when the voltage drops below 3.5v, so you'll know when it's time to recharge. Once the voltage drops below 3.2V the indicator will flash orange 15 times and it will deactivate to preserve battery's lifespan. When battery is overcharged (voltage beyond 4.25V), the built-in microchip will automatically stop battery charging.

Also adding to the long list of features for this state of the art battery are short circuit protection, where the battery will deactivate automatically if it detects a short circuit in the charger or atomizer.

Whether you are just getting into subohm vaping or just looking to add an advanced battery to your vaping arsenal, the Aspire CF subohm battery is the perfect choice. The Aspire sub ohm is currently available in Black, Blue, Grey and Red carbon fiber exterior with stainless steel accents.

Aspire Sub Ohm Battery Care:

  • Always charge the battery completely before using.
  • Do not store battery in a hot or humid environment.
  • Do not drop or puncture battery.
  • Do not force battery connection to other attachments.

Aspire Sub Ohm Battery Warnings:

  • Do not charge the CF battery on another charger - it may damage the battery.
  • Always keep the battery dry and away from moisture.
  • Do not dismantle or expose the battery compartment- this will result in malfunction.
  • If the indicator light displays ON continuously or the product becomes hot - immediately
    disconnect the battery from the cartridge to break the electrical connection.


- 1 x Aspire sub ohm battery
- 1 x Cylinder retail pkg with valid serial

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