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Breath Mint Dugout

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The Breath Mint Dugout is an ultra stealthy taster box disguised to look and feel as an actual pack of sugar-free mints.

On the outside of this novelty dugout there is an Ice Blasters brand label, available in four flavor options each with a unique label design.

This innovative taster box is manufactured with tiny beads inside the base of the box so when you give it a shake it will even sound like a box of breath mints should.

Slide the top of the Breath Mint Dugout off and you will reveal the hidden storage chamber with spring-loaded taster bat. Inside you can pack in plenty of your favorite smoking blends for all day use.

Pick up this discreet Dugout today and enjoy easy smoke sessions on the go without breaking your bank in the process!

Dimensions: 2" x 0.75" x 3"


1 x Breath Mint Dugout

1 x Taster Bat

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