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Bubble Melon Chubby Bubbles E-Juice 60mL

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Bubble Melon Chubby Bubbles E-Juice 60mL is a true bubble gum flavored vape that features a delicious watermelon infusion, creating a juice that will leave your mouth watering after each and every puff. Chubby Bubbles hand crafts all of their bubble gum inspired liquids right here in the USA under strict quality regulations in order to maintain a premium quality product that is absolutely worth every last dime, guaranteeing you are buying a quality product that is sure to impress. This company utilizes an optimal 70% VG to 30% PG in their lineup of liquids, leaving you with a sweet vape that can create the absolute most vapor possible without being vulnerable to dry hits or leaking. Bubble Melon is made available in 60mL glass bottles with child resistant capper and can be in nicotine strengths ranging from 6mg down to nicotine free.


- 1 x Bubble Melon Chubby Bubbles E-Juice 60mL

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