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Caramel Kernel E-Liquid 100mL

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Caramel Kernel E-Liquid 100mL is a close take on the caramel covered popcorn that would come in a box, you know the one I am talking about.

There is no crazy blend of flavors here, something simple yet absolutely delicious. With each puff you can taste the realistic taste of freshly popped popcorn accompanied by a slight drizzle of sweet caramel. The perfect balance of savory and smooth.

Kernel Liquids is a manufacturer that sticks to what they know and popcorn is just that. If you're in the market for a spot on popcorn flavor than look no further this is the brand for you,.

Treat yourself to a large 100mL bottle and begin enjoying that delicious popcorn flavor without the hassle of kernel filled teeth and sticky fingers.


1 x Caramel Kernel E-Liquid 100mL

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