1. Cherry Slush E-Juice 60mL
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Cherry Slush E-Juice 60mL

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Cherry Slush E-Juice 60mL closely replicates the delicious frozen beverages you would enjoy on a hot summer day. Cherry Slush from Draco Vapors features a sweet and smooth cherry slushee taste that is packed with so much flavor if you didn't know better you would quickly be thinking you are slurping on the real deal. Manufactured from start to finish in the USA with premium quality kosher grade ingredients, SLUSH e-juices offer some of the most realistic fruit flavors available on the market. Cherry Slush is made available in 60mL glass bottles with child proof cap and a max VG concentration to create a juice that will offer extremely thick amounts of vapor that is absolutely packed with flavor.


- 1 x Cherry Slush E-Juice 60mL

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