1. Coil Master PBag
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Coil Master PBag

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The Coil Master PBag is the perfect vaping accessory for vape veterans and beginners alike. This bag comes with pouches big enough to hold your favorite mod/tank setup, a large bottle of e-liquid and whatever accessories you may need to bring with you on the go like extra batteries, coils and wick material. Thanks to the Coil Master P Bag you can now travel with confidence knowing all of your vape supplies is securely closed inside this durable canvas case complete with zippers, velvro straps and keychain for ultimate convenience and portability. 

Height: 4.33″
Width: 3.54″
Thickness: 1.37


- 1 x Coil Master PBag

Height: 4.33″
Width: 3.54″
Thickness: 1.37″ - See more at: http://www.coil-master.net/product/coil-master-pbag#sthash.v75aSl8O.dpuf

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