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Crafty Vape Case

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The  Crafty Vape Case is the perfect solution for someone looking to travel with their Crafty vaporizer. Inisde this case you will find a custom foam cut out specifically designed to fit your Crafty vape and accessories. This case is made from a super durable ABS plastic that will withstand high impact drops with ease, keeping your vape and accessories safe and sound at all times. One of the most important features of this case is it's airtight seal, never again will you have to worry about the unwanted smell that follows you after a session just throw it in the vapecase and forget about it.  Plan on taking your Crafty to the beach? No problem as this case is completely waterproof, keeping your vaporizer dry and working properly no matter where you want to go. Grab this trusty vape case today and never again will you will have to leave home without your Crafty Vaporizer.

The Crafty Vape Case Holds:

- Crafty Vaporizer

- Charger

- Storz & Bickel Grinder or Filling Tool

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