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DaVinci IQ

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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

After blitzing the market with their original DaVinci vaporizer and later the Ascent, DaVinci set a new gold standard for what we come to expect from a portable vaporizer. No longer were portables bought with the caveat that you would be sacrificing certain features for portability, you could now have your cake and eat it too. Now they're back with their best offering yet, the DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer for dry blends.

IQ is not just a clever name. Using the ideology that you can draw different effects from your leafy dry material by using different temperatures, DaVinci created their Smart Path Technology. What this does is begins your session at a lower temperature and then strategically raises it over time to give you a brand new experience with the same material you've used for years. Basically, the DaVinci teaches an old dog new tricks. Out of the box the Smart Path technology follows this road map:

350° - 370°F
370° - 390°F
390° - 410°F
410° - 430°F

This actually brings us to our next stand out feature of the IQ vape. Because if these temperatures don't seem like they fit your preference, no problem. Using the DaVinci vape's bluetooth enabled mobile app you can change the temperature ranges the Smart path Technology uses, even allowing you to set the time between temperature increases. This allows you to tailor the experience to your exact liking, giving you the best vaporizing experience you could ever possibly hope for.

What good would this Smart Path Technology do you if it wasn't sending that amazing vapor through a clean vapor path? Well, not to worry, the DaVinci IQ portable vape has a one of a kind inert ceramic zirconia vapor path. That is a fancy way of saying it is the best quality ceramic you can find. It essentially delivers the amazing taste of a glass vapor path without the worry of fragility. Again, have your cake and eat it too.

But that's not all the app is used for. You can also with a few swipes turn the IQ vape on and have it start heating up. Imagine this; the DaVinci IQ is sitting in your pocket and you have about a minute until you are headed out on your work break. You pop open the app on your phone and with a few swipes you have your DaVinci vaporizer heating up in preparation for you to start enjoying the moment you step out of your job's door. It can only be described as futuristic convenience.

The futuristic approach doesn't stop with the mobile app, oh no. On the face of the IQ portable vape are 51 LED lights that displays your temperature in a stunningly minimalistic way. These LED lights are protected by the almost indestructible anodized aluminum casing, so unlike most minimalist things you'll find on the market this vape is anything but fragile. However, as heavy as anodized aluminum sounds, the IQ is as compact and lightweight as you're going to find. What good is a portable vape if it isn't conveniently portable? Small size is great, small size and lightweight is even better.

Two new features that absolutely need mentioning here are the boost mode and standby mode. Has a vape's auto shutoff feature ever inconvenienced you? Don't answer that, we know it has. DaVinci has a new take on this with their standy mode. When it knows it is not in use the IQ will go into standby so you don't waste any of your dry material, keeping the vapor trapped inside and making sure no battery power goes to waste. From there boost mode can take over when you are ready. When boost mode is activated the IQ vape will heat back up within 20 seconds, allowing you to go back to enjoying your session without missing a beat.

As convenient as it is to have standby mode save battery life, you can be sure battery life won't be a problem regardless. The DaVinci IQ comes with replaceable 18650 batteries that can be swapped in and out in seconds, keeping your sessions as long lasting as you could possibly want. Each battery is able to power the IQ portable vape for a whopping 3 hours, keeping your portable vaporizer actually portable instead of tied down to a charging cable. Another added benefit of this is when a vape's battery truly kick the bucket it is usually time for a brand new vape. Here you can simply get a replacement from pennies to the dollar compared to buying a whole new unit, adding countless value to an already great value.

Every few years you see a true turn in technology in each industry. Whether it be wireless charging being added to cell phones or the invention of driverless cars, you can usually pinpoint certain breakthroughs. The IQ portable vaporizer truly in every way marks a new era for not only portable vaporizing, but vaporizing in general. Every vaporizer from here on out will be measured against the IQ, best of luck to them.


1 x DaVinci IQ Portable Blend Vaporizer
1 x USB Charging Cable
9 x Cleaning Wipes
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Blend Funnel
1 x Extended Mouthpiece
1 x Storage Container
1 x Instruction Manual/Quick Start Guide

Additional Information:

This device is an aromatherapy or "dry blend/essential oil" vaporizer, and is intended for adult use with safe, natural, and legal "dry blends/essential oils" only. It does not simulate tobacco smoking and does not contain and is not designed for use with tobacco, nicotine, or e-liquid (including nicotine-free).

Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

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