Diamond Grind Shaker
Diamond Grind Shaker
Item ID: DIAZEAD2180
Brand: Diamond Grind

Diamond Grind Shaker

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Diamond Grind Shaker

The Diamond Grind Shaker is not your standard 4 part grinder, the Shaker features a huge blend storage chamber to allow the user to expedite their pollen collection process by shaking the pollen right off of the blends. The Shaker's storage chamber has a clear acrylic window to give the user the opportunirty  to watch the entire process from start to finish and it comes equipped with all the standard qualities the original 4 piece Diamond Grind grinders offer such as a secure magnetic closure and a 50 micron woven screen that gives only the finest particles of pollen passage through to the final collection chamber.


1 x Diamond Grind Shaker

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