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Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

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Tactical Hit Company wowed us with their first line of universal 2 sided dugouts, now they are back again with something even better.  Made right here in the US, these super durable anodized aircraft grade aluminum dugouts are hands down the toughest out there, protecting your material inside as well as the three hitter glass bat.

This is one of the first dugouts to provide a glass bat instead of the "glass quartz" bat that is standard in most dugouts. The all glass design with beautiful design inside allows you to smoke on the go and get only the natural taste of your material without any other material interfering. The spring loaded holding spot for the glass bat keeps it completely secure with absolutely no risk or cracking or breaking.

The glass bat is labeled as a three hitter, but in most cases you can get much more than that. Both the top and bottom of the dugout twist open and snap into place, with the top having the holding space for the glass bat and a storage space for your material. The bottom has an additional space for more material storage as well as a spring loaded metal poker/cleaning tool to quickly and easily clean out the glass bat.

Tactical Hit Company raised the bar for dugouts once, now they've raised it again.


~2in/51mm x ~0.75in/19mm x ~3.25in/83mm


- Universal 2 Sided Dugout

- Glass Three Hitter Bat

- Poker Tool

Looking for something larger? The Tactical One Hit Universal Dugout is also available in a larger size.

Additional Information:

For use with legal smoking blends only.

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