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ELeaf iStick 40W TC Mod

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The eLeaf iStick 40W Temperature Control Mod is the first temp control mod to come from the well respected iStick series. Temperature control brings a whole new unique experience to the vape scene by providing improved flavor and a major decrease on e-liquid consumption and battery life.

This mod is one of the most versatile yet to come from eLeaf iStick, coming equipped with both variable wattage and temperature settings. Despite it's small size this mod packs a serious punch, being able to pump out 1W-40W of power that can be adjusted in 0.1W increments. In variable wattage mode this will accomodate atomizers as low 0.15Ω and as high as 3.5Ω, giving you a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing an atomizer to pair it with. In temperature control mode the 40W iStick can support atomizers within the range of 0.05Ω up to 1.0Ω with a temp range of 200°F-600°F (100°C-315°C). In temperature control mode this iStick will gradually decrease the power output as the selected temperature is being reached in order to maintain that desired temperature. This customization allows you to find a certain sweet spot with each liquid used as certain liquids vape better at different temperatures, resulting in a superior quality of vapor and notable difference in flavor. The decrease in power output will also ultimately extend the iStick's already long battery life, giving you a mod that should be able to vape for days on end.

The 40W iStick design is very similar to the 20W & 30W models in shape and size, giving you mod that is lightweight and fits very comfortably in the hand. This iStick however comes with two holes on the top of the device implemented to give the user the opportunity to attach a lanyard in order to keep your vape with you and ready to go at all times. As all iStick's do, this model also comes equipped with a bright OLED display. This easy to read screen shows your current battery life, power output level, atomizer ohm rating and many more features with just a quick glance, giving you a user-friendly mod that takes all the guess work out of your vape game.

The iStick mods are built by one of the top names in the industry so you know you are buying nothing but a quality piece that will not dissapoint . Whether you are just getting into temperture control vaping or you're a pro at it the eLeaf iStick 40W TC Mod has you covered.


1 x iStick TC40W    

1 x eGo Threading Connector    

1 x Manual

1 x USB Cable

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